Something Old and A Thought That’s (Not So) New…

I love antiquing-type shows.

Especially the Antiques Roadshow.

Great, right?

“Hey, Ma!  What’s all this crap in the attic?”  The answer?  Cha-ching!

That is, cha-ching for others.  My stuff is pretty much just crap.  Don’t get me wrong…my family has some heirlooms that are nice.  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about my stuff.  The stuff sitting around me.

But y’know?  As I look on my desk in between a lot of the papers and things, I see a picture of my love.  That’s certainly not junky!  That’s awesome!  I see some pens that have written some neat stuff, and that was fun at the time.  And there are some assorted odds and ends that have some nice memories.

Hmmm…maybe I’m richer than the Roadshow has led me to believe.  Maybe what’s “crap” is the idea that we have to have valuables to have value.

I’ll have to think about that the next time I watch the Antiques Roadshow.


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