No Marc Paskin or Dani Johnson at My Door…Time To Count My Blessings!

Well, no secret millionaire came to my door today.

I guess that’s just as well.  Out of the 7 billion people or so on the planet, I’m probably number 6,999,999,999 that really needs it.  Better it should go where it’s going.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not filthy rich.  Let’s face it…I’m not even slightly-dirty rich.  I can’t even say I’m comfortable.  But in the end?  Well, I guess I have some really great things – love, friendship, a roof over my head, and some nice hobbies.  I have the freedom to do some of the things I want and the ability to dream of the rest.

Money isn’t good or bad.  It just is what it is.  If we have it, it is a blessing.  If we don’t?  Well, then we can count our other blessings.  And luckily, I can.

So, to Marc Paskin and Dani Johnson, I don’t expect to see you any time soon.

And, I guess that in and of itself is a good reason to count my blessings.


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