Marc Paskin Keeps the Millionaire Giving Alive

Marc Paskin, millionaire real estate developer, was in Detroit, Michigan tonight.

Who is he?  He’s the secret millionaire for this week on ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

Last week we addressed the criticism of the show (and Dani Johnson), and I thought, “Y’know?  I’ll watch that show again and see if anything changes in my mind.”

I’m supportive of the show, after all.

So, I watched Mark Paskin give away more money tonight and you know what?  I stand by my original thoughts.

Young Detroit Builders, Really Living, and The MAN Network benefited this week.  Again, watching the show, I see people doing things for people.  I see agencies that are trying.

Don’t think Paskin and Johnson gave enough?  Well, then go out there and give more.  Give time.  Give a hug.  Give something!

It’s TV, folks.  And yes, the great risk of this post is that I could discover one day that this was all a big ABC ruse!  And yes, I know that a lot of this show is probably scripted.

But one thing you can’t script the reality of human suffering in everyday life and the reality of folks who want to make it better.

Don’t like the show?  Well, then get in your car and go to a local non-profit that serves an under-served area near you.  Take a few bucks and your two strong hand, and make your own show.  Alleviate some of that suffering out there.

Do something.

Don’t like Paskin and Johnson?  Then put your money and your time where their mouth is.

Criticize TV for what it is.  Love people for what they do.  Then, decide which side you’re on.


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