Death Is Inevitable, But So Is Goodness

Death is not easy.

Yet, it is inevitable.

It’s just that, it’s inevitability is so much harder when it is someone who is genuinely good.  Someone genuinely caring.  Someone who truly loved others more than they judged them.

Those are the hardest losses, because they leave a large hole in the world…large because they take away that person, plus all the good they did.

I guess that is the time when we need to wake from our slumber and realize that we have a little more work to do now.  We have to bring a little more light in to make up for the light we have lost.

I believe they are always there.  I believe they always watch over us.

And I believe that just because something is inevitable, does not mean it is forever.

To a dear friend — goodbye.  We will do our best in your absence.


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