Millman’s Peaceful Warrior is a Reminder That Old Story Can Be Shown in a New Way

Peaceful Warrior.

Great movie, right?

You probably didn’t see it.

Then again, maybe you did.

It’s a story based on true events in the life of Dan Millman…Dan’s encounters with a mysterious gas station attendant Dan called Socrates.  If you’ve done a lot of reading in Buddhism or other spiritualities in general, it’s probably not a whole lot new, but still, it really is a good reminder of what’s important — being in the moment, clearing out the garbage in the head, and focusing.

Listen, these concepts aren’t “new” in any way.  It’s more about how we tell the same story…is there something new in the tale?

That’s the fun of Peaceful Warrior — Millman and Socrates’ interactions are fun and interesting, and it makes the philosophy go down a lot smoother.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Then, try to live it.


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