Who Wanted it Less in the Sugar Bowl: Ohio State or Arkansas?

Did you see that Sugar Bowl?

Ohio State and Arkansas.

I only saw the last three quarters, but yikes!


It looked like Ohio State was going to run away with it.  Then it looked like Arkansas was going to take it.  Then both teams imploded.  Then Arkansas looked like they would win.  Then Ohio State…


In the end, The Buckeyes took it.  I’m not a fan of either team, really, but still…it was pretty wild.  I feel bad for Arkansas’ quarterback Mallett.  If you didn’t see it, check out the last play of the game.  Harsh.

Sometimes in life ya gotta want it just a little more than the other guy.  Then again, sometimes the other guy may just hand it over.  But then again, if you don’t hang on to it when you get it…

Does that make sense?

Hard to say which was which and what was what tonight.  I guess in the heat of the competitive moment, mistakes are made and it’s not as easy as it seems at home when watching TV.  But that’s the story of life, right?  Everyone’s life looks easier from the sidelines.

In the end, it’s just a game, right?



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