New Year, Old Post

This is an old post from last year.

Somehow, it showed up again on one of my other blogs.  I’m not sure how it ended up reposted, but I am going to post it here.  Enjoy!


Happy new year!  Almost.

Goodbye 2009.

Are we sad to see her go?

Not really.  Just ask Jib-Jab.

It was a rough year.  But y’know?  Out of that adversity can come hope.


It’s not so far-fetched.

Maybe we needed to see how low we could go before we could truly enjoy.

Kinda like a Limbo!  At the end, the person who makes it the lowest without falling, wins.  But even in Limbo, so many people have to fall so that there can be a winner.  And, if you’re playing with the right people, there is laughter when someone falls, not tears.  There are pats on the back and sometimes a toast to good attempts.

Maybe that’s how this is.  Maybe we needed to see “how low could we go,” and now that we’ve fallen a bit, it’s time to get up, dust ourselves off, and laugh at ourselves a little bit.

I know that personally, I have had my ups and downs.  That’s life.  And it’s not always easy not to take ourselves seriously.  We want so much for every dream and every desire to take hold…to take effect.  We want to live lives where we don’t offend others and aren’t offended.  We want the cake and we want to eat it.  We want to see our names in lights, or maybe we just want to light the way for someone else.

But it can’t always be.

Or, at least, it can’t always be right now.

So, we raise the bar again.  We bend and twist and try to get under the stick.  Will this be the time we win, or will we end up on our back again?  And if we do, will we laugh along with the others, or will we stand on the sidelines, sour and sad?

I guess that’s our choice.

But, as 2010 approaches, don’t be afraid.

Jump in the game!

Live in limbo.


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