New Year 2011 is All About Making the Resolution

It’s been a long year.

I’m tired and going to bed.

But then again, maybe this is the time to make a resolution.

“This year, I resolve to be more positive.”

There.  That covers it, right?  That’s probably a good place to start.  If I can get even an extra minute of positivity this year, then that’s something.  Small steps, right?  Small steps.  And even if I fail in my resolution, that doesn’t make me a failure.  It’s just another opportunity for growth.  Another chance to NOT fail, so to speak.

It’s not the succeeding in the resolution that matters…it’s the making of the resolution…because the making of it puts out the positive energy.  It sets the intention.  It gets us thinking in the right direction.  If you never put the energy out there, you’ll never know how far you can go.

Better to make the resolution and fail than never to try and fail for sure.  I’m sure that’s been said a hundred times, but it’s worth repeating.

Also, if you have a person in your life that doesn’t support your positive resolution, IGNORE THEM.  Or, better yet, resolve to remove them from your life (NOTE:  in the case of family, revert to ignoring).  There’s always someone to rain on the parade, so you have to be your own biggest fan.  Now, go ahead.  Think.  Really take a second and consider:  What are your wants in the coming year?  Your needs?  Your desires?  Don’t get taken in by the thought that you are being greedy or thinking that you are undeserving.  This is for you.  Think whatever you want.  Whatever resonates with you.  Got it?  Good.  Now say it:  “This year, I resolve to ______.”  Say it again and again.  See it as if it has happened.  Feel the emotions.  It’s here.  Now.  Right now!

What’s the smallest step you can take that will bring your resolutions to life?  PS…if you’re that person that preaches about how people who make resolutions are misguided or whatever, go away.  Life’s too short.

For the rest of you?  I hope all your dreams come true this year.  I hope your life sparkles this year.  I hope you get all the love you give.

Happy New Year.  Happy 2011.


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