12/15 Survivor Nicaragua Features Jeff Probst and a Torn Chase Rice

The end is near, folks.

The end of Survivor, I mean.

We’re coming to the end of another season and it’s been quite a ride, right?  Right?  Hello?

Anyway, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, and Jane Bright return for more punishment on the ol’ beach.


We were treated to an initial review of Chase and his “indecision,” including his crush on Brenda and his good relationship with NaOnka (who gave him her idol).

It was basically a what’s what of Chases alliance craziness…culminating with his surprising vote for Benry.

Hmmm…now what?

The night after tribal saw some love between Fabio and a relieved Sash…who is still arrogant.

Fabio again reminded the camera that he is only “playing” at the naive character.  That’s nice, Fabio, but it’s put up time with the finals coming on fast.  How smart are you really?

Tree mail on day 33 brought family videos to the Survivors.  Time to remember that these are real people playing a game, not a bunch of assorted creeps.  That’s probably good to remember in life, not just Survivor, right?


It was a pretty emotional moment for the Survivors.  It is every season.  You know what else was great?  The car challenges.  Remember those?  I wonder whatever happened to those…hmmm…

Anyway, right after the videos it was back to strategizing.

Then off to the family/Survivor challenge.

But not before a Sprint EVO phone ad.  Of course.  Remember when they were just people on an island where coconuts were the height of tech?

The challenge was for a cruise with sandwiches and beer…oh…and loved ones.

Chase’s mom Connie showed up with a big hug.  Fabio’s mom Ann (Anne?) showed up and Fabio was really emotional.  Sash’s mom Lee (Leigh?) was next to arrive on the scene.  Sash told Jeff Probst that all he needs is a little love in life.  Dan’s son Matthew jogged in next.  Dan said that his sons are his life.  Jane’s daughter Ashley (Ashleigh?) bounded through the weeds next.  Jane hoisted her up with a big hug and told Jeff that her daughter is “in charge” of the farm back home.  Holly’s husband Charlie came around the corner to a big hug.  He was dressed in his finest fish-themed Nicaragua shirt.

Survivors had to jump into water to get tiles to give to loved ones.  The loved ones then had to use the tiles to form a phrase.

Fabio and Chase worked incredibly hard at getting the bags.  Dan struggled early on with the swimming.  Eventually the race tightened up, and everyone was in it.

Chase and Connie won in a close fight.  Chase got to take two people and he chose Sash (and his mom) and Holly (and her husband) to go.

Fabio was crushed, as he and his mother don’t get to see each other that often.  But the decision was the decision, tears notwithstanding.

So, with EVO by Sprint (of course) in tow, they set out for…whatever.

Dan, Fabio, and Jane returned to camp and made wine from their sour grapes.  Fabio said that he was let down, as he was planning on taking Chase had he won.  Jane lamented that this was her last summer to spend with Ashley, and Dan said that Chase betrayed Jane by not taking her on the reward.

Jane told the camera that she felt like the fourth in a four-way alliance.  Possibly.  Does she have options?

On the reward, Chase, Holly, and Sash, and their family members really enjoyed their food.  Sash especially needed to eat.

Eventually, the Survivors separated from their family and headed back to camp to face what Chase called, “wrath.”

Chase, if “wrath” is all you find back at camp, you’ll be one lucky fella.

When Chase got back from the “reward” the group found a quiet camp, but some hostility from Fabio.  He admitted to Chase that he was really upset, but that he was willing to move on from it.

Day 36 brought an immunity challenge.  All blindfolded, the Survivors had to make their way to a station with a shield.  Using touch, they had to memorize symbols on the shield.  Then, still blindfolded, they had to go to another station and put symbols in order on another shield.

My viewing partner kept saying, “Oh my God.”


Fabio and Chase had it neck and neck, but Fabio eventually won immunity.  He needed it.  Big time.

And it will change the game.

Big time.

Sash told the camera that he was…displeased that Fabio won immunity.  It really puts the alliances in a tight spot.  Chase tried to talk Fabio into voting Dan, but Fabio lobbied for Jane.

Chase struggled with that.

Chase talked to Sash about it, and Sash told Chase that eventually, Jane had to go.  Chase still lobbied for Dan.  Then, Holly showed up and it got even stickier.  Everyone knows Jane is the biggest threat.

Jane confronted Sash, Chase, and Holly and no one wanted to lie.  Jane read the silence and interpreted it:  Jane.

This has to go down as one of the most awkward moments in Survivor history.  It was really painful watching it.  Sash told Jane, honestly, that they don’t think they can beat her in the final.

Jane broke down and told the camera how she felt.  And it wasn’t good.  Jane doesn’t think Chase should show his face in North Carolina anymore.


Jane lost it at camp before council and dumped two buckets of water on the fire…

Metaphors anyone?

At tribal, Alina, Marty, Brenda, NaOnka, Purple Kelly, and Benry came in as the jury.  Then, things got interesting.  Jane asked if she could have her say and she called her folks “liars and backstabbers.”

Probst pushed for more.  Jane called Holly out on destroying Dan’s $1400 shoes at the start of the game.  Remember that?

Chase told Jeff that Jane would go home because she can’t be beat.  Jeff asked who was next.  The Survivors admitted it was Fabio or Dan.


Jane exposed the idols on Chase and Sash, and pushed for her, Dan, and Fabio to vote Jane.


The game was in crazy full swing at Tribal Council.  Probst managed to throw a wrench into the whole thing.


Chase and Sash played their idols.  Holly sat on the hot seat.

The vote went against Jane.  Big.

“Y’all have fun,” was all she said as she walked away.

In her final interview, Jane said that it was hard to find out

So, what did we learn tonight?  We learned that the game of Survivor, much like the game of life, can turn on a dime.  Sometimes, even the best-laid plans can go awry and we’re left without fire on the way to Ponderosa.  Jane said she played a straight up game with no lying or back-stabbing.  That may be true.  But in Survivor, that can make you a bigger threat than rippling muscles.


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