LeBron James — Welcome To the Consequences of “The Decision”

So, LeBron James did well tonight I guess in his return to Cleveland.

But I heard the fans in Cleveland weren’t exactly…welcoming to his return.  Profanity, booing, etc…just another day in the fan-base trenches!

Clearly he wasn’t welcome to bring his “talents” back to his once-home arena.

I guess that brings up the age-old question:  “Can you go home again?”  The old adage says you can’t.

Interesting that James is from Akron, but it’s quite possible he may indeed never be able to go back.  I think that’s pretty sad.  I’m not saying I agree with his decision concerning Miami.  It’s just odd to think that a hometown boy is probably never going to be able to live in his hometown again.

Welcome to the consequences of “The Decision” LeBron.



2 responses to “LeBron James — Welcome To the Consequences of “The Decision”

  1. Yeah, I don’t see fan anger going away any time soon.

    • @SLAMDUNK: I don’t either. @:) I didn’t think it would when I wrote this…it was just a musing on the goings on there in ol’ Cleveland. I was just wondering what that would be like to live somewhere my whole life, gather friends, put down roots, play ball, live, love, laugh, then…basically have the door slammed forever. Ouch.

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