12/1 Survivor Nicaragua Features Jeff Probst and a Big Decision for NaOnka Mixon and Purple Kelly Shinn

Back for more Survivor Nicaragua?

These folks are:  Kelly Shinn, Ben “Benry” Henry, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, and Jane Bright.

Oh, and of course, Jeff Probst.


Welcome back to a Brenda-free Libertad.

Torches, snakes, confusion…isn’t it nice to know you can rely on that every week?

Kelly S. told the camera she was baffled.  NaOnka said Brenda threw her under the bus…interesting, seeing as how Na is still around and Brenda was the one who got run over in the vote.

Everyone seems to be scrambling here at the beginning of the show.  I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot more scrambling before this season is done.

Perceptive, right?  I don’t know where I get it from.

Did you see that crazy river rolling by camp?  That rain was pretty awful.  Ain’t Survivor great?

NaOnka told the camera she was less than happy with the weather, admitting that she has health issues that are exacerbated by the weather.

Kelly S. was also pretty miserable.

Seems like a lot of people really want out of this game, and I can’t say as I blame them.  From home it looks like a few days on the beach, but when you’re there, it has to be pretty miserable.

Fabio told the camera he has a “happy place” that helps him deal with the crappy weather.

I hope so.

When the clouds receded, a modicum of order was restored and we were back to strategizing.

Chase asked NaOnka about her wanting to leave.  Na showed Chase the idol and gave it to him to do some good.  Chase admitted to the camera that he probably wouldn’t give it back.


Jane and Holly still seem strong, and seem to think they can count on Sash and Chase to stay “four strong.”

Sash says he doesn’t trust that group as much as Purple Kelly and NaOnka.  You have to decide, Sash.  You better get a solid alliance and get it together.

Or else that Survivor Ponderosa pine is waiting for your butt.

On day 28, the reward challenge showed up.  Two teams, tethered together had an 8ft stuffed “Gulliver” tied to a table.  They had to untie him and carry him over obstacles without dropping him.

First team across?

Leave the site and go to the Survivor cinema to see a movie premier of Gulliver’s Travels with Jack Black.  Nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, and candy.

Jeff Probst turned the shameless movie plug into a speech about digging deep.

Nice, Jeff.  You are certainly a host extraordinaire!  That’s why we love you.

It was neck and neck for a while, both teams managing the weight and the difficult obstacles well.  Yellow pulled ahead, dragging Jane along.

It all came down to the final obstacle in a near dead heat.  But in the end, the blue team crossed the line and won the reward.

NaOnka announced at the end of the challenge that she was going to quit.  Purple Kelly also admitted that she was leaving, as well.

Probst was shocked that someone would leave with only 11 days left.

Jeff gave the two women the afternoon to think about it.  To think about a decision they might regret.  To think about a million bucks.

Probst told the team about a reward “dilemma.”  Jeff gave the winners a chance (for one of them) to give up the reward and take back for everyone a tarp and rice to get through the rest of the game.

Holly took it.  She volunteered to go back to camp.  Holly told the camera she was giving NaOnka a chance to step up, and, when Na didn’t step up, Holly said she felt like she “misjudged” NaOnka.

We’ll see.

Back at camp, the group wanted to get that tarp up.  Kelly, Fabio, and the rest of the gang thanked Holly for her sacrifice.

Big move, Holly.  Big move.

Holly questioned Kelly about quitting.  Holly offered some motherly advice:  “You came here…to play Survivor.  You need to suck it up!”

Kelly said that she is having a problem with the cold weather and rain and the lack of food.

But Holly was persistent.  She really put it all into perspective.  Geez…by the time she was done, I wanted to suck it up and stay in Nicaragua…

And I’m not even there!

Holly told the camera that she is staying to be an inspiration to others.  Hopefully Kelly will take notes.

At Survivor cinema the plugs were in.  Gulliver’s Travels (did you hear what I said?  Gulliver’s Travels the movie) was on the marquis and there were hot dogs, drinks, and candy to spare.

NaOnka told the camera that she didn’t give 110% to stay at camp.  She said she’s not a fool.

Anyway, the movie started and we got to see clips from the movie and clips of Benry laughing at Jack Black.  Then, the obligatory applause.

Back at camp, there was more love for Holly, as there should be.  Kelly told the camera that she wasn’t sure if rice and a tarp could get her through the next 11 days.

She said there would be no decision from her until the last moment.


As night fell, the lightning was striking.  The Survivors made their way to Tribal Council.  The reward folks arrived, followed by the jury — Alina, Marty, and Brenda.

Brenda was smiling.


Jeff Probst called out Kelly and NaOnka for their “quit” talk.  He asked Holly about her wanting to quit earlier in the game, and she gave a good pep talk about going as far as one can in the game.

Jane admitted to Jeff that all the days for her have not been a barrel of laughs, but she said it’s important to “hang in there.”

Easier said than done, Jane.

Na said she’s “freezing” and her joints hurt, and that’s why she wants to go home.  Kelly said that for her, the early morning downpour that day really tripped the thoughts of leaving in her mind.

Benry said he is frustrated at hearing leave talk.  Fabio said that it is a mental game, and that people have to know what they’re capable of.

Jeff asked Na about the reward, and she said it was like a celebration for her in the game.  She told Jeff she knows she had a shot at winning.

Jeff called Na out for not going back to camp with the tarp and the rice.  She said she wanted to “go out with a bang.”  She added, “I’m content.”

Jane said that the young kids should know that life is not an easy ride, and that the young kids should know they need to do their best out there in the world competition.

And that Survivor is just a piece of that.

Jeff confronted Na about her decision and she said she was going to quit.  Kelly was next.  Jeff asked if she would quit, and she said yes.

Didn’t go over well on the jury.

Jeff then asked what should happen with the torches?  They said, “snuff them out.”

Na grabbed her torch and brought it to Jeff Probst who snuffed it and said, “You wanna go?  Go!”

Purple Kelly was next to grab her torch.  Probst snuffed it out and said, “Head out!”

Off they went through the graveyard.

Jeff reminded the remaining folks about desire and the 1 in 7 shot for a million.  There was no vote — just a return to camp.

In the final interviews, Na said she has no regrets.  Kelly said she felt bad looking at the jury, knowing those folks could have had a shot to stay in the game.

But oh well.  We make our choices and we live by them.

So, what did we learn this week?  We learned that no matter how big the material stakes, there is a mental and emotional side to us that can overcome even the best odds.  In the end, we all have to decide what we want out of life.  Then we have to ask ourselves if we’re strong enough to go after it.

If we’re not, we may have more than our torches snuffed.  It may be our dreams as well.


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