Rescue of Boys Lost at Sea Puts Thanksgiving 2010 into Perspective

I came across an article about three teenage boys rescued at sea.  Apparently they were lost for something like 50 days, scavenging from the ocean to survive.

Eventually, some fishermen found them adrift in open water.

As we have come to Thanksgiving day 2010, this story really puts things into perspective — not in a “feel guilty for your complaining” kind of way, but in a quiet, reflective thank-you-mood kind of day.

Often when we are lost we search for a helping hand.

Often that hand is not near.

Often, we have to figure it out on our own.

But sometimes…sometimes someone or something is there to pull us out of the water where we have been so long adrift.  It could be a card or phone call from far away or the dog right there on our lap.  It could be the good friend or colleague, or even a stranger along the way.

Or, it could be an unexpected connection with spirit that brightens our mood out of nowhere.

Whatever it is, give thanks.  I’m no expert in…well…anything really, but I guess I’m an expert in me.  And I know that even when things seem the darkest, I can shed a little light just from a little gratitude.

And since today is Thanksgiving I’ll give it a little extra effort today.  Who knows?  Maybe today’s extra effort will be tomorrow’s new baseline.

And that is definitely something worth giving thanks for.


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