11/10 Survivor Nicaragua Features Jeff Probst and a Recently Merged Crew

More Survivor!

Kelly Shinn, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, and Marty Pimobo return.

Alina Wilson is having a good time at Ponderosa.


At the start of the show, we got to re-live NaOnka’s fruit/pan theft as well as Marty Pimobo’s outburst at Tribal.

The Marty/Jane feud marches on and Alina marches off.


Libertad day 22 saw the night fire still burning.  Na had some words to the camera for Marty.  She didn’t agree with Marty’s attack.

Others around the fire also didn’t agree with Marty’s nutty beatdown.  He probably made a lot of enemies at Tribal.

Jane said she’s going to start calling him “Farty.”  Ha!


Libertad day 23 saw Sash and Marty at the watering hole.  Marty was back on his “Tell me who wrote my name down” kick.  Marty actually thinks he “cleared the air” at the previous night’s Tribal.


Marty, you didn’t clear the air…you only fogged it up.  Chances are they’re gunning for you.

But then again, maybe not.

Fortunes change.

Jane told the camera she wants to take Marty to the woodshed “and whip his ass.”  That would probably get killer ratings.

Whaddya think?

At the reward challenge, two teams had to navigate obstacles to get keys to unlock three locks.  First team to raise the flags would be taken to a canopy zip-line tour and BBQ with chicken, steak, chips, and pie.

Oh, and beer.  Can’t forget beer.

The random team selection ended up women versus men.  Wild.  Chase was unable to participate due to numbers and ended up backing the women.

Jane started to wear down near the end of the challenge and cost her team valuable time.  In the end, she was just too exhausted to keep up.  The men took the challenge and took reward.

Purple Kelly had a hard time with the loss, saying she was hungry.  None of the men wanted to give up their spot.  The women, plus Chase, headed back to camp.  Marty criticized Chase for going with the women, but in the end, that might pay off in votes and alliances.

The men clearly enjoyed their day of zip-lining and…fooding.  Marty enjoyed his planning.

Planning…a word that we really love to hear when we watch Survivor…because it never goes the way they “plan.”

Back at Libertad, Brenda criticized Chase’s choice to the camera, saying he should have chosen the men.

I’m not sure I agree.  I think that move could get him some good will from all the women…all, of course, except Brenda.  There was a lot of talk about Brenda and whether she could be trusted.

Chase tried to talk to Brenda about the game and Brenda kept her silence.  Brenda lost little time in criticizing Chase again to the camera.

This game is amazing.  People really show their colors…who they are deep down.  People can get power through being moody and angry, and I think Brenda illustrates that.

Maybe I’m right.  Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe in the end, it doesn’t matter.

Tree mail brought news of a memory challenge.  These are always the great equalizers.  Jeff Probst showed symbols to the group, and they had to reproduce the sequence with cubes.

Brenda took the individual immunity with naught but her memory.  The rest of Libertad was clearly happy for her.

Were they just showing happiness or were they cheering because Marty didn’t win it?  Ah, who can tell?

The hot talk around Libertad was NaOnka.  Marty’s name was also tossed about.  Marty approached Brenda about a Jane blindside with a NaOnka leak to flush the idol.  Brenda told the camera that she agreed that Jane is a threat, but then she added, “Sash and I are running the camp.”

Brenda and Sash had their clandestine beach meeting where they savored their perceived power.  These are great moments, because it is often those that perceive the greatest power that find they are the lowest later on.

I hope that happens down the line.  It’s always nice to see the least become first.

At Tribal, Alina blew in clean and carefree as the first member of the jury.  But the heat was on for the rest of Libertad who are not carefree at Ponderosa.

Probst tried to ferret out the intra-tribal strategies, continuously poking the sore spots and picking the scabs.  Jeff brought up the food stealing issue with NaOnka.  Na defended herself, and then Marty jumped in, calling NaOnka a liar and a stealer.

Na burst out on a rant against Marty, saying he “sucks” and that she can see through him.  This triggered a war of words and defensiveness that got more and more uncomfortable.

Jeff said he was “speechless” that Na is still in the game even though she goes off.

She sort of agreed.


The real cherry on top was when Na flipped Marty off on his way back from voting.


The final vote went: Jane, Marty, Jane, Jane, Jane, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty.


Some of the men looked pretty shocked.  And, to top it off, the idol didn’t flush.  It’s pretty clear that, as of tonight, Na is going to move along to the final as an insurance policy.

But then again, that can all change in a second.

Marty said that it “absolutely sucks” to not be in the game but that he would not have changed the way he played.

I think that’s a good call.

So, what can we take away from this week?  Sometimes the loudest and most threatening person is, in the end, the least threat…especially when it comes to collecting votes for a million dollars.  If you aren’t the nicest person, and you need a jury vote, make sure you are sitting next to the person who looks a little less nice.


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