10/27 Survivor Nicaragua Features Marty Pimobo, NaOnka Mixon, and Jeff Probst (Naturally!)

Sorry everyone!

Family commitment tonight (conflicting with good ol’ Survivor).

But I’m watching it on DVR just a half hour behind.

Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, and Marty Pimobo return.

As for Yve Rojas?  Well, she was just too strong.

And now she’s watching from home.

Who will it be this week?


We open on Espada night 15.  Dan called himself “teflon,” saying nothing sticks to him.  It was a big risk to keep him, but we’ll have to see what happens down the road.

NaOnka says she doesn’t trust Alina, and has convinced her cronies to gun for her.

La Flor, night 15, saw some fireworks.  Marty confronted the team on trying to flush the idol.  He questioned their votes.

He didn’t play the idol last week, as you know, and it turned out to be a good choice.  Marty is now gunning for his old teammate Jane who, on their new tribe, seems to be gunning for Marty.

The plot thickens!

After that it was the typical Survivor opening credits as always.  Cool music, the obligatory hot bodz, and an incredibly annoying commercial for Windows 7…You know the one…the woman has the family that she claims shames her so she edits their pics with Windows and claims that now she has the family nature could never give her.


Luckily, I could DVR fast-forward past the rest.  Lord bless Cox Communications.

Oh, I just fast-forwarded past an ad for Undercover Boss.  Do any of you watch that show?  Is it any good?

Anyway, back to Survivor.

A misty morning on Day 16 at La Flor.  Marty confronts Jane about her vote, claiming he has never lied to her and never played to back-stab her.  She equivocated when he asked whether she voted for him.

Jill admitted she and Marty are “scrambling” to stay around.


At the reward challenge, a tribe member had to defend while members of the other tribe tried to score a ball in a net.  First to five points would win reward.  The reward?  A morning Nicaraguan farm experience with horses and breakfast (eggs, cheese, milk, tortillas.  Yum!)

Fabio and Chase were the defenders.  Away we go!

NaOnka and Espada were first to strike.  Jill answered back for La Flor.  Benry scored next for Espada, to take the 2-1 lead.  Marty then went against Chase.  Marty hit Chase in his…Chaselings…and didn’t score.  No score.  Then it was Hollie against Fabio.  Deflected.  Still 2-1.  Purple Kelly scored to tie it up 2-2.  Dan had a pathetic effort that doesn’t even bear mentioning.

And on and on it went until eventually Fabio took a pee in the ball pool.

Nice, Fabio.


Benry eventually clinched it for Espada, giving them the Nicaraguan horseback riding egg cow-milking adventure of a lifetime.


Fast-forwarding…Fast-forwarding…Hey, a Harry Potter commercial!  Maybe I’ll rewind to that later.

La Flor was quite the next day, in the shadow of their loss.  Jane told the camera that she doesn’t know the word quit, and she reaffirmed her commitment to her new younger friends around camp.

Sash admitted that he is having a blast eating what the “older” folks bring back for him.  He says he loves living fat off their desperation.

Good for you, Sash!  I’m sure that won’t come back to bite you in the…sash…any time soon.

Espada rode their horses to the farm where they learned the finer points of cow milking.  Dan looked exactly like a New Yorker milking a cow for the first time in Nicaragua.

NaOnka didn’t look much better, but at least she admitted it was out of her areas of expertise.

Jane was out catching fish for La Flor, but decided to keep a fish for herself.  She decided to steal away into the forest to cook it up.

Risky.  But she ate and she enjoyed.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Espada was overwhelmed with a pretty great looking breakfast.  Sitting there, eating together, it was as Hollie said — family-like.  Alina started to cry, as did Hollie.

But NaOnka?  She wasn’t buying it, claiming Alina was crying for show.  Wow.  I mean, really, it’s just breakfast, right?

Not in Survivor.

At the immunity challenge, it was once again for tribal immunity.  Two of each tribe would roll cannonballs down a chute while four others from their tribe would use rope to aim the chute to guide the ball into the other tribe’s tiles to break them.

There was definitely a learning curve to the challenge, trying to line everything up.  It was, literally, hit or miss.  La Flor got behind early, and stayed there.  It was Espada who walked away with the immunity.

La Flor was headed for Tribal.

On day 18, La Flor seemed to have it together.  The thwarted Jane continued her tirade against Marty and Jill, and she committed to voting against her old tribemates.

Brenda and Sash concocted a crazy scheme to bilk Marty out of his idol — asking him to give it up to the tribe, telling him he is safe.  And then?  Vote him out.

Ay yi yi!

This is why the Buddha never played Survivor.

Marty told the camera that he feels powerless, knowing he is on the outs and has to either use the idol or give it away.  In the end, he gave it to Sash in the hopes that Sash would let him live another day…or two…to get to the merge.

It’s a play from a desperate man’s playbook.  Sash told the camera “Marty made a big mistake.”  But then again, it was a “mistake” premised on a lie.

At tribal, Fabio stood up for La Flor, saying that it wouldn’t be long until they were on top.

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Marty admitted that he feels on the outside in his new tribe, and called Jane out as a “flipper” who would do what she could to “save her own skin.”

And can you blame her?  She was on the outs in her prior tribe and now it’s time for payback.  I guess that’s the social game.

Marty admitted that he gave his idol to Sash, and said that it “could go down as one of the stupidest moves ever.”  But again, it’s a decision by a desperate man in a desperate situation.  This game puts people in the most desperate of situations!

The vote was tight.  It went thus: Jane-Jane-Jill-Marty-Jill-Marty-Jill.

Jill had her fire extinguished and took the graveyard walk.  In her exit interview, she wished Marty luck and said that the experience has made her appreciate the people in her life.

In the end, what did we learn?  Trust is often placed and misplaced and often, a desperate man will take a desperate measure to save his skin.  And sometimes?  It works.  Survivor puts players into difficult situations…situations with which they may not be familiar.  They have to tell the half-truths, back-stab, and trust their enemies.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.

But sometimes?  Well, as Marty learned tonight, sometimes it works like a charm.



2 responses to “10/27 Survivor Nicaragua Features Marty Pimobo, NaOnka Mixon, and Jeff Probst (Naturally!)

  1. It was Jane who went off and ate a whole fish by herself. You erroneously said it was Jill.

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