Taunt LeBron, Wade, and Bosh At Your Own Peril…Whatever That Means

Remember what we wrote yesterday concerning the Dallas Cowboys’ Tono Romo’s clavicle?  (That was a helluva sentence right there.)

We talked about how over-confidence can blow up in our faces because we don’t know when the tides will turn — in other words, you can strut around the field feeling great until your #1 QB is knocked out of the game and you are knocked out of the season.  We also discussed how taunting can lead to a fire ignited under the other guys.

Well, if you watched the 10/26 Boston Celtics – Miami Heat game, you saw some of this in action.  LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and company were really out of the game near the end, until the Celtics fans started chanting, “Overrated!  Overrated!”  And wouldn’t you know it?  The Heat brought it back to within three.

They eventually lost, yes.

But they came back.

They showed their grit, and their talent…the talent we may not like as fans of other teams, but talent nonetheless.

Sleeping lions don’t sleep soundly in sport.  They can be awakened with the slightest provocation.

Now, I am CERTAINLY no Heat fan.  I only bring this up again as yet another cautionary tale inevitably lost in the wind.  Cheering is great.  Taunting?  Well, you taunt at your own peril.

I suppose that translates to other things:  You bully at your own peril, slam a door in someone’s face at your own peril, and flaunt possessions at your own peril.

Now, you are probably thinking, “What does he mean, ‘at my own peril’?  Is that a threat?”  No, it’s not a threat, but make of that phrase what you will, as it applies in your own life out there in world.  I prefer to think of it in the framework of karma, but you are free to interpret it any way you wish as it suits you.

And, if you think I’m crazy, that’s valid too.

But remember, you think that at your own peril.

Whatever that means…



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