Tony Romo’s Broken Clavicle Will Break Dallas Cowboys’ Season — But At Least We Get a Lesson Out Of It

So, the Dallas Cowboys are rolling along, then Tony Romo bashes his clavicle.

Before you know it, the Cowboys are in the hole on Monday Night Football to the New York Giants, and Romo is facing a long recovery.

And Kitna?  Well, Kitna took his first Cowboy snaps in a long time, and it showed.

The NFL engenders great heart and great ego.  It shows us the best of men, and the worst.  Any fan knows that.  Now it just so happens that my team doesn’t engender much on the ego end, but that’s not the point of this article!

The point is that it’s important to remember how quickly fortunes can change.  How fickle is fate?  One minute you are fighting to keep your place in the division, strutting your stuff, and the next moment, you are doomed.

One minute you are Romo the hero leading your team to a chance, the next you are leading the cheering on the sidelines.

That is why I am not a proponent of hot-dogging or taunting…not just in football, but in anything in life.  Catch the ball.  Take it as far as you can.  Hand it to the ref.  Go to your huddle or sideline.  You wanna slap a hand?  Go for it.  You want to jump a bit?  Fine.

I mean, I’m not against celebration.  Great.  Terrific.  Good for you.

But just remember, when you taunt and hot-dog you are only firing up someone else to get into your face the next time.  You are fueling that which you are seeking to extinguish.  And often, you hand the momentum back.  This isn’t rocket science, folks…it’s simple human nature.

And, more often than not, it’s the nature of sport.

Don’t talk about respect unless you give it.  Don’t bemoan poor sportsmanship unless you’re a good sport.  Don’t diss the fans, the press, the other team, your coach, your agent, the NCAA, or the NFL.

In the end, you are responsible for your actions on the field.  It’s your head that has to be on straight.  It’s your number that’s called for the foul that no one forced you to commit.  And it’s your reputation that your family and grandkids will see long after you retire.

And don’t pat yourself on the back too hard when success is on your doorstep.  She has a way of eventually spreading the wealth.

And don’t think the Great Almighty Universe loves your interception more than It loves the receiver who botched the route.

You’re wrong.

Trust me.

Romo, I am not a Cowboy fan by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  But I wish you a speedy recovery.  Thank you for driving home an important lesson for me tonight.  I’m not different than anyone else.  Sometimes I need to be reminded how fragile is fate and how others need to be treated.



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