10/20 Survivor Nicaragua Live Blog Features Jeff Probst, Marty Pimobo and NaOnka Mixon

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Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, Marty Pimobo, and Yve Rojas return.

Last week a surprise tribe switch took everyone by surprise, shaking up the numbers and mixing up loyalties.

Espada decided to keep Dan and his bum knee, opting to vote out Tyrone.  He took it like a gentleman.

Who would be next?


We opened on day 15 at Espada, where Dan told Holly he wanted out.  Holly tried to talk some sense into him.  She told the camera that Survivors know what they’re getting into…

“Suck it up,” she said…

Dan can probably suck it up.  The question is, can his knee?  With constant rain and rough challenges, any injury is amplified in Survivor.  And every physical weakness is exposed.  It doesn’t help when players start to lose the psychological battle as well.

Yve confronted Holly about the Tyrone vote, and why she was left out of the loop.  Yve denied an alliance with Tyrone and tried to set it all straight.  Holly then told Yve about Dan’s desire to leave.

Yve jumped all over it.

At La Flor on day 15, the waves were crashing and the wind was blowing.  Marty said he feels like he’s in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

Neither he or Jill seem excited about their new digs and were certainly feeling the pressure.  Brenda made it clear to the camera that it’s the young ones and Jane versus the others.

At the first challenge, Fabio gave back immunity for his tribe.  The groups were playing for individual immunity, as both tribes would head to council.

At the challenge, the competitors raced into digging areas to get three rope rings which they would have to get into a butt-basked using only a shovel and coordination.  Then, a ring toss victor would win a feast for the tribe that they could eat while watching in on the other tribe’s council.

It was Espada first.  Holly, Alina, and Benry took the early leads.  However,Hollie moved into the final ring toss for Espada with her immunity.

La Flor was next, and Jill took the immunity, moving on to the ring toss for the feast.

Jill won the feast for La Flor — no small feat when both teams are likely starving for protein.  Chicken and beef kebabs would likely be a welcome sight to all.

Survivor isn’t only a fight against others for money.  It’s also a fight against the self to stay centered and healthy.  When it comes to food and feast challenges, no one takes them lightly.

Food, fire, clean water, and shelter = success.  Tonight’s kebabs fill at least one of those needs.

Back at La Flor, Brenda was still not buying into the new La Flor.  She quickly saw her plan unraveling with Marty’s and Jill’s immunities.  Sash told the camera that the vote would split between Marty and Kelly B.  Brenda said she didn’t want Kelly B. to make it to the end because she felt her leg would be an asset in the final vote.

I continue to fail to understand that logic, yet La Flor keeps pressing that issue.

Marty tried to get close to Fabio, telling him he’s a grandmaster in chess (a lie).  He tried to palay that into a situation where he could call the shots on the tribe.  Fabio fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  Marty tried to convince Fabio to jump ship and join he, Marty, and Jill to run the show.

At Espada, Holly clearly felt bad about losing the ring toss, and she knew she would have to vote with the majority for either Dan or Yve.

Dan told the camera that he has a Range Rover and a Ferrari and that he doesn’t need the money.  But then he told Holly that he didn’t want to leave the game.  Benry was gunning for Yve because he feels Dan is no threat to keep around.

Chase, however, thought it would be a good idea to keep Yve.  He went to NaOnka with his plan.  Na admitted she wants Dan out due to his physical situation.

Yve knew the score, and plead her case to NaOnka and Alina.  However, when she said her ties to her old tribemates was an asset, Alina realized that was the reason to vote her off — when the merge comes, no one wants old loyalties getting in the way.

Day 15 continued at Espada with the strategizing.  Na pushed hard for a decision, but the group couldn’t seem to find consensus.

At La Flor, Jane and Brenda had a talk about Marty, and Jane was on board.  Jane told the camera that she is thrilled with her new alliance, as Jill and Marty have locked her out since day 1.

Sash told Fabio the plan to gun for Marty, and Fabio wasn’t completely on board.  Fabio told the camera he wanted to keep Marty around because he’s smart.


But the more important question is, is Fabio smart?

Wait, is that an important question?

Marty decided to abandon his Fabio plan and told the camera he would swing his vote to Jane.

Brenda continued to wonder whether Marty would use the idol, and whether Kelly B. could go all the way.

Clearly the tribe was not 100% going into tribal.


Tribal Council One — La Flor

A perfect opportunity for Jeff Probst to go poking around…and you know he just can’t resist poking.

Probst put Pimobo on the hotseat for revealing that he had the idol.  Marty defended his decision to reveal the idol, but in the end, he said he was getting “mixed vibes” from his tribe, and wasn’t sure he could trust anyone.

Kelly B. agreed that trust was hard to find on the beach.

Ah, sweet Survivor.

Marty wrote down Brenda’s name and had some harsh words for her.  Whether or not they will prove prophetic is a matter for time to decide.

There was no clear front-runner going into the vote count.

Marty didn’t play the idol.

The votes went thus:  Marty, Marty, Marty, Brenda, Brenda, Kelly B., Kelly B., Kelly B.

A tie!

There was no tie breaking fire conjuring.  Instead, everyone but Kelly B. and Marty voted again.

In the end, it was Kelly B. going home, revealing a tribe bitterly and brutally divided.

La Flor had the opportunity to feast on kebabs while listening in on the other council.

Kelly B.’s final interview was calm and collected.

She saw it coming.


Tribal Council Two — Espada

Espada had to watch the feast commence.  NaOnka admitted she couldn’t even look.

Jeff poked Holly’s open wound with a kebab stick, asking her how she felt about losing the feast.

Um…how does he expect Holly to react?

I won’t repeat her answer here.  Just think about how you would feel starving for 15 days then having to watch a group of folks feast.

Yve called Dan out for his knee.  Dan defended himself, saying he is giving all he can give.  Yve didn’t buy it, calling Dan a liability due to his limitations.

Dan called Yve arrogant, and Yve defended herself, saying it was Dan who brags all the time about his money and his cars.

Dan admitted he does that.


That would get my vote.

La Flor was excused and the vote commenced.

The vote went: Yve, Dan, Yve, Yve, Yve.

Yve grabbed her torch and her light went out.  She didn’t turn to acknowledge her tribe as she walked through the graveyard.


This week was intense but not because of the competition in the challenges.  The skirmishes took place on the fields of self — the hardest battlefields of all.  It’s there where one is truly pushed to limits, and forced to confront limitations and obstacles.

And puts them on display for all to see.

Survivor takes us beyond those shows on Discovery Channel — Survivorman and Man vs. Wild.  In these shows we are taught that survival is about a person keeping their spirits up and staying positive.  That teamwork can keep us alive, even in the hardest of circumstances.

But in Survivor?

Well, you are surrounded by more than just the wilderness.  You are embroiled in a knock-down, drag-out fight to the death for a million bucks.  You are up against you, and others, and in the end, that’s a recipe that won’t taste good to all but one lucky winner.


There is your live Survivor Nicaragua blog for 10/20.  Join us next week for the LIVE blog here at Nobody’s View.



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