Halloween iPhone App Roundup

It’s almost here!

Yes indeed.  Halloween 2010 is just around the corner.  Time once again for costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, and good old apple-bobbing.  It’s enough to make a child scream with delight and a dentist cringe in horror.

But Halloween in these modern times brings something else to the party — iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

What, you don’t think those things are scary?

Well, you’re wrong.

They can be both scary and fun!  So, join me as I review 5 apps that are sure to help you get your scare on, and tickle your monster funny bone as we head into the Halloween season with our vampire fangs, chocolate, and our i-devices.

1) ZombieAffirms ($0.99: Cynical Peak Software, Sunscape Photography, nobodysview.wordpress.com, and a zombie lover).

From the minds behind the inspirational app iAffirm (plus a zombie-loving associate) comes another in the pick-me-up series.  ZombieAffirms claims to be the answer to the question — where do the undead find motivation?  This application features hundreds of zombie-themed affirmations set against original photography.  It’s geared toward helping the ordinary zombie find the get-up-and-go necessary to battle those pesky machete-wielding humans.  Just a swipe of a finger (if your zombie hand has any left) and you are on your way to inspiration!

2) reMovem Halloween edition (Free: Mundue LLC).

It’s the classic game you love, with a little twist.  Tap on four, five, or six different colored balls to see how many you can remove from the board.  The more that are touching in the same cluster, the more points you get.  The Halloween edition comes with fun Halloween-themed graphics inside the colored globes including a cat, a jack-o-lantern, ghosts and spiders.  The free version I downloaded had a choice of six colors and featured a basic game mode.

3)  Paper Hangman (AFKSoft: Free or Paid)

Look, even in the modern age, there’s room for the classics, whether or not they are strictly Halloween-themed.  It may not be the scariest game on the block, but this free hangman game from AFKSoft is sure to satisfy your inner wordsmith as well as your ghoulish fascination with the hangin’ stick guy.  The free version features a choice of puzzle categories including “People,” “Places,” “Things,” or “Phrases,” and even has a customizable puzzle builder that allows you to enter puzzles for others to guess.  The paid version comes with additional categories, including “TV Shows” and “Movies.”  Both versions track scores for the day, week, and month.  Entertaining and fun for all ages!

4)  iHalloween – Halloween Sound Collection (ObjectGraph LLC: Free)

Ever wish you had scary Halloween sounds right at your fingertips?  Alright, maybe not, but now you can have them!  This Halloween sound collection features spooky music and the sounds of screaming, cackling, and howling, among others.  There is even a shake setting for random sound generation.  It’s simple, effective, and creepy.  Sounds like a recipe for a good time to me!

5)  Halloween Countdown (Greg Morris and Energize Software: Free)

And finally, an app to help you count down the days to a Happy Halloween!  This app is pretty simple.  A translucent skull set against creepy music tells you how many days are left before the big day.  You can customize the background out of which the skull appears, and choose from five eerie tunes.  Oh, and the skull gets bigger as the big day gets closer…and closer…and closer!

Those are just five of the hundreds of monster- and Halloween-themed apps on the market.  Your i-technology can really help you to put a scare or a laugh into your Halloween.

Enjoy, and be careful out there.  You never know who else had an iPhone or iPod with something freaky loaded on it.

(Blog Disclosure: This writer received promotional codes from some companies for their software.  This writer was involved in the creation of ZombieAffirms and iAffirm.)



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