10/13 Survivor Nicaragua Features Jeff Probst, NaOnka Mixon, and More!


Welcome to the 10/13 Survivor Nicaragua digest.

Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, Marty Pimobo, Tyrone Davis, and Yve Rojas return.

No more Jimmy T. Tarantino referring to himself as Jimmy T.

Wait, did Nobody’s View say that last week?

Nobody’s View probably did.

Nobody’s View won’t do it again.

Who will follow Jimmy on the long walk home?


The show started with a very…robust review of last week.  Marty and Jimmy T. were featured, of course, and we had an opportunity to relive all the awkward moments, including the exchange between NaOnka and Kelly B.

I’m sure we won’t hunger for more awkward moments in the future.


The action opened on day 12 at Espada.  Marty told the camera he’s in control.

Do you agree?  He’s getting a bit Hantz-ish, and we know how well that worked out.  Jane and Holly are on Marty’s list now, and he seems bent on getting them out of the game.

At La Flor, NaOnka told us she believes her alliance is controlling everything.  She says she can see the win.  Is that starting to sound like Marty?  I think we may see them both on the jury soon.

But then again, maybe not.

I’m not expert.

At the first challenge, La Flor was shocked by Jimmy T.’s absence.  Then, Jeff dropped the “switch-the-buff” bomb.  Marty was clearly blindsided by the twist.

But twists are what it’s all about.

Everyone picked stones to reveal captains.  Brenda and Holly won.  Brenda had to choose three from Espada and Holly had to take four from La Flor.

Jane, Jill, and Marty, and Alina, Benry, Chase, and NaOnka were moved.

The medallion of power came out of play and the game started over.

The first challenge for reward required members to throw balls onto a board with pegs.  Members from the other tribe had to catch the thrown balls to get points.  First to three wins.

The teams played for two chickens and a rooster.

It was a close challenge, but in the end Marty, literally, dropped the ball and Espada won the reward.

This whole section of the show shows us the brilliance of Survivor.  It almost seems like the producers gauge the climate on each tribe and make up the twists as they go along.  It was clear where lines were drawn in the collective sand, and it was time to mix it up.

And mix it up they did.

Tyrone took charge at the new Espada, and that was not really well received by a lot of the younger players, including NaOnka.

Holly, however, seemed to take right to it, and she seemed to bond with NaOnka and Alina.  That could be a good move in the future.  A Holly jump gives the 5-4 advantage to the old La Flor kids.

At the new La Flor, Fabio was on board with the switch.  Marty found himself in a minority of numbers and seemed to have a hard time not being first.  Jane told the camera that she was on board with the switch, as she is not a fan of Marty and Jill.

Marty told the camera that he was ready to take control of La Flor, as they seemed aimless.  Marty then held court and told his new tribe that he had the immunity idol, trying to gain some credibility with his new mates.

Brenda was not impressed.

As always, time will tell whether that was a good move.  When it comes to Survivor, sometimes it’s better to keep things close to the vest…or, close to the bathing suit.  Marty may have revealed his way out of the game.

Day 13 brought rain to Nicaragua and more misery to the camps.  NaOnka admitted she gets cold and said, “I lose it,” when she is uncomfortable.

Ironically, and in the best tradition of Survivor, NaOnka was forced to find any port in a storm, and this time it was someone she was against on her old tribe…Alina.  How quickly alliances change.

Be careful how you judge others, because you never know when you might need them…and you never can tell who they really are until you really get to know them.

At the immunity challenge, three members from each tribe were strapped to a wheel their other tribemates would spin.  While underwater, one had to take water in, then spit it into a tube to release balls used to break tiles.

In a major boon for his new tribe, Fabio won the challenge for La Flor, sending Espada to tribal.  NaOnka told the camera she doesn’t want her students to see her as a quitter, but she admitted that she might be reaching the end.

Day 14 brought gloom to Espada.  NaOnka said that she believes her tribe is cursed.  She claims to be “over it,” saying she really wants to go home.

An argument broke out about killing a chicken.  Tyrone wanted to keep them all for egg production, but he was outvoted.  He wisely kept his disdain to himself, choosing not to rock the boat.

Espada ate the chicken, and they were clearly not happy with Tyrone eating what they felt was more than his fair share.

There was also talk of voting off NaOnka.

A lot of talk.

At tribal, Jeff poked around, looking for holes.

And he found some.

Tyrone was called out as the leader of Espada, and he admitted that he was happy being the leader.

NaOnka admitted that the previous night was difficult, but that she feels she had more support in her darkest Survivor hours than she did at the worst time in her life — a divorce.

In the end, Tyrone received five votes and was sent home.  He wished his tribe luck and walked off through the graveyard.

Tyrone’s exit interview was calm as he simply pointed out a difference in strategies.

However, I’m sure there is a lesson there about eating one’s fair share and not jumping too quickly into leadership roles…real or perceived.  Survivor is not a game for those who hide or for those who shine.  It’s more for those who have a good, slow burn over time.



There is your 10/13 Survivor Nicaragua digest.  Be sure to join us each week for the LIVE survivor blog at nobodysview.wordpress.com.



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