10/6 Survivor Nicaragua Features Kelly Bruno, NaOnka Mixon, and No Jimmy Johnson

Here is your 10/6 Survivor: Nicaragua digest and commentary.

Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, James “Jimmy T.” Tarantino, Marty Pimobo, Tyrone Davis, and Yve Rojas were back for more punishment.

Last week’s teaser promised Hurricane NaOnka…was the forecast solid?

Would Kelly B. lose it?  Would Espada regret the loss of Jimmy J.?  Would Jeff Probst pick the scabs?

Let’s see…


The show opened on night 8 at Espada.  Jimmy T. once again referred to himself as Jimmy T. and bagged on Jimmy Johnson a bit…

A bit?

A lot.

Jimmy T. then started singing and annoying the rest of the tribe, probably making the rest of Espada wonder why they kept him and not Jimmy J.

You reap what you sow, Espada.

On day 9, the waters started to rise around camp.  Espada went down to watch the torrents of water washing down to the sea.  Flash floods had clearly come to Nicaragua.

Espada’s Jill lamented the lack of food on the island, including their 2 cups of rice ration.  Food is life, as we know, but on Survivor, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Jimmy T. tried to show off his fishing prowess, but to no avail.

At La Flor, Brenda and NaOnka tried to decipher the hidden immunity idol clue.  She figured it out and told NaOnka where to dig.  Sure enough, NaOnka found the idol.  She wasted no time telling the camera “it’s mine”…

Kelly B. and Alina strengthened their alliance, embarking on their own futile search for the immunity idol.  NaOnka couldn’t resist stirring the pot, picking fights regarding the idol.  Kelly B. admitted to the camera that she had a hard time not reacting to NaOnka…let’s hope she can maintain her cool over 39 days.

And NaOnka better hope Kelly B. isn’t a jury swing vote if Na should get that far.

At Espada, the tribe gave themselves a pep talk.  Marty said the tribe needed “one voice” at challenges, and he nominated Tyrone.  Jimmy T. said that he was willing to play his part in the challenge.  Although, Jimmy did say that “Marty is not a Jimmy T. fan.”

Jimmy?  I think there are probably a lot of people on the tribe that aren’t Jimmy T. fans.  But don’t worry.  You are.

Treemail arrived at Espada.  The tribe would need to follow blindfold instructions.  Tyrone tried to train everyone up, but inevitably, Jimmy T. took over and tried to run the show.

At the challenge, one person had to be a caller to blindfolded pairs.  The caller had to direct them to ten items in the field.  One pair had to go out to get keys for a chest.  Up for grabs?  Tools, tarp, rope, knife, fishing kit, and…immunity.

The medallion of power would give La Flor a two item advantage, and they decided to use it.

Daniel sat out for Espada, and the two Kellys sat out for La Flor.

La Flor took the lead early, but the whole challenge was a lesson in organized chaos. In the end, the younger tribe was never in any danger.

La Flor won, taking with them fishing gear, the tarp, and cooking gear, now giving them an advantage in the nourishment department.  As for Espada?  Nothing but ongoing frustration and a trip to tribal.

On day 11, Dan tried to brighten up the tribe’s spirits.  Jimmy T. of course had to weigh in, asking for his opportunity to lead.  Tyrone told the camera that Jimmy T. is digging his own hole by being negative after challenges.  That is certainly something Espada doesn’t need.

La Flor’s spirits on day 11 were bright.  They went through all their new Sears goodies.  Chase found another idol clue in the tackle box.  He immediately told Brenda about it, saying that he “trusts” her.

Brenda accompanied Chase on a futile dig for the idol.  Brenda eventually broke down and told Chase that NaOnka had already found the idol.  Brenda begged Chase not to confront NaOnka about the idol.  If Chase is smart, he’ll heed that advice.

Espada went fishing for sea urchins in their desperate search for food.  Jimmy T. called Marty out for eating a few urchins instead of putting them in the net.  Marty stirred the pot against Jimmy T., and seems to be hell bent on getting him out of the game.

Somewhere, Jimmy Johnson is watching the show and laughing.

Laugh on, Jimmy Johnson…they voted off the wrong Jimmy.

Dan’s name came up at Espada for tribal.  Marty and Jill brought up Jimmy T., trying to save Dan.  Tyrone said his choice was between Dan and Jimmy T., but that he would prefer Dan due to his physical limitations — and isn’t that the beauty of Survivor?  The physical vs. the social game.

Marty lobbied hard with Tyrone for Jimmy T., pushing to make camp life a little better.  Jimmy T. worked his “all I want is a shot” magic with Yve and Holly and it seemed to annoy them.

Jimmy told the camera that he feels he might be in trouble at tribal due to opening his mouth too often, but yet he doesn’t seem to make an effort to curb his behavior.

At tribal, Marty and Tyrone tried to pull everyone together in the wake of the challenge loss.  Dan was on the hotseat, answering for his knee.  Jill expressed her frustration at losing challenges and Jimmy T. suggesting “mixing it up”…meaning letting him try to lead at a challenge.

Marty, of course, took issue with that, calling out Jimmy T. for his brashness.

Jimmy relented, saying he would take on his role as a follower if that what was best for the tribe.  Jimmy got emotional about the issue, and then told the issue that he would be happy to take on a worker role.

In the end, Jimmy T. received the five votes.  He left without a word.

Jeff Probst said it was an attempt to improve chemistry, and he was right.  Survivor is more than a good knee or strength.  At the end of the day a person has to have an ability to play the social game or they are going to find themselves very, very lonely.

At Jimmy T.’s exit interview he admitted that he shouldn’t have talked so much and that he “blew a tremendous opportunity.”

You know, Jimmy?  That might be true, but I have to tell you, you came to play by who you are, and that is something you can definitely take with you.

And it’s nothing to hang your head in shame about.



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