9/29 Survivor: Nicaragua Will Feature Jeff Probst, Jimmy Johnson, and More Arguing! Tonight 8pm (in the West)


The Survivor: Nicaragua campaign rolls on with Jeff Probst watching vigilantly over his snippy children.

Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, Jimmy Johnson, James “Jimmy T.” Tarantino, Marty Pimobo, Tyrone Davis, and Yve Rojas were back this week for more beach-side survival.

Last week saw the usual Jeff Probstian stoicism in the face of La Flor and Espada’s craziness.  Let’s see what else we have:

Bikinis?  Check.

Intra-tribe bickering?  Check.

Unbelievable last minute tribal council self-destructive tirade?  Check.

Okay…I think that’s everything we’ve come to expect so far this season.

Shannon Elkins was sent home last week…or, rather, his mouth seemed to grow legs, and carried him out of tribal.  He follows Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, the goat rancher who also had a verbal-assist on her way down the path for home.

Coach Jimmy Johnson stayed alive, but there’s no guarantee that his social prominence and constant uplifting talks won’t soon wear thin for his Espada tribemates.

Who will it be this week?


We opened at La Flor, Night 6.

Tension?  Some.  Shannon the unanimous choice?  For the most part, except for those in Shannon’s alliance.  As for the rest?  Most seemed to think it was a uniting decision.

NaOnka continued to insist that the tribe is still badly divided, and she may be right, but La Flor had better pull it together and stay together if they are going to beat Espada…Espada may be older, but they aren’t necessarily weaker.

Espada went fruit hunting, following the howler monkeys.  Jimmy did his best howler monkey impersonation…pretty good!  Yve seems to have a bit of a spirit crush on him, and that’s not so bad.

Of course, not everyone on the team is high on him, and he had to know from the beginning that might hurt him.  Marty especially is nervous about coach, and did his best to convince Jill they should dump him.

Her cooler head prevailed and they sidelined the issue for now.

At La Flor, Fabio did his best…Fabio imitation.  He told the camera in his side interview that it’s an act…that he wants to be kept around for his “mentality” and “spirit”…I’m not sure that’s going to be a winning strategy down the road.

NaOnka isn’t buying it either.

Over rice at Espada, Marty revealed the immunity idol to his tribemates in an effort for unity.  Marty said he wanted to keep it until the merge and Jimmy T. applauded the move as a unifying moment…even though Jimmy T. said he would have kept it a secret.


We’ll see if Marty did the right thing in a few weeks…Ah, the changing fortunes of Survivor.  In a side interview Tyrone did not buy into the display of good will, maintaining that Marty is still doing his own thing.  In a later interview, Marty all but admitted this was the case.

Game on…

At Espada, Dan admitted he is not getting a lot of sleep, and said he doesn’t want to be seen as a weak link.  He admitted to the camera he had a bum knee, and that might not be something he can hide.  Yve certainly noticed.

La Flor bikini shots were all the rage during a strategy discussion.  Alina and Kelly B. found themselves on the chopping block without Shannon in their alliance.

Chase, Brenda, Sash, NaOnka, and Kelly (purple) appeared to cement their alliance.

At the immunity/reward challenge Espada handed immunity back to Jeff, and Probst introduced the challenge.  10 barrels to be arranged on platforms while others throw sandbags on top of the barrels.

All 10.

The reward was sauce, spice, fruit, herbs…

La Flor elected not to use the medallion to get two barrels out of the mix.  They said we can “take them without using it.”

Gotta love that.

The older tribe didn’t look good early on.  Benry drew first blood…and second…and from there the race for immunity was on.  Tyrone came on strong for Espada.

But in the end, Benry was too much.  10 barrels, 10 bags, with a win even without the medallion of power.

La Flor took immunity…and reward…and a clue for an immunity idol.  NaOnka and Kelly B. both saw the clue, ensuring some fireworks.

At camp, NaOnka fought with Kelly B. for the idol slip.  NaOnka grabbed the clue, perhaps making a few enemies along the way.  I’m sure when they all see her side-interviews, she’ll make a few more…but one thing’s for sure, NaOnka is in it to win it.

She showed Brenda the clues to get some help to find it.

Meanwhile, Espada was feeling down about losing.  Jimmy T. spoke out at camp, saying his skills are being wasted.  He appealed to Jimmy Johnson for an “evaluation” an admitted that he is a “showboat” with a high opinion of himself.

Jimmy Johnson tried to make the peace and Tyrone defended his place in the challenge, saying that it wasn’t about him, but about the team and winning.  Marty said he liked the tension and was looking forward to tribal.

It didn’t take long for the scheming at Espada.  Jimmy and Marty found themselves alone on the beach talking.  Dan came up…Dan and his potential injuries.  Marty told the camera he wasn’t buying any of Johnson’s talk, and insisted he still wanted him out of the game.

Marty cornered Jill on the issue and she was ambivalent.  Jill said it was all the same to her, but that she would prefer Dan out of the tribe.  Next, Marty went to Dan and Dan was supportive of voting out Johnson, claiming he is in better shape than Johnson.  Jimmy T. also pledged his verbal support to Marty to vote off Jimmy.

Holly and Jane discussed getting rid of Dan.  Jane said she wanted to keep her “fishing buddy” Johnson around.  Jimmy tried to work his magic with some of the other women who seemed to be supportive.  Jimmy admitted to the camera that he knew he was on the chopping block, and that he knows he will always be on the chopping block.

Tyrone said that he hasn’t made up his mind…that he was leaning toward Dan.  That didn’t make Marty happy, leading Marty to sound more and more like Russell Hantz and the ‘for me or against me’ mentality.

At tribal, Jeff pushed buttons regarding the challenge, picking the scab between Jimmy T., Tyrone, and Jimmy Johnson.

Although, pushing Jimmy T.’s buttons doesn’t seem that hard.

Dan was also under the Probst lamp for his injuries, before Jeff dragged Jimmy T. back into the fray, asking him to identify the weak players.  Jimmy T. said that he thought there were some weak players on the team, and only Jimmy Johnson admitted that he might be a weaker player.

Going into the vote, it had the feeling that it could go either way.

Jimmy Johnson received five votes and saw his torch extinguished.  Espada may find down the road that was not the best move.  As Jeff said, he was a proven leader.

He was also a stand-up guy.

I hope, for Espada’s sake, that Marty, Jimmy T., or someone else can fill those shoes.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

In his…post-game interview, Coach Jimmy said he had fun, but that he was miserable the whole time.  Jimmy said Survivor was the toughest thing he’s done and, yes, he included most of his professional and collegiate career in there.

This week we learned a lot about human interaction.  Jimmy Johnson, a proven leader, was voted off of a tribe that is really in need of a leader.  They will soon discover that it’s hard to replace that kind of leadership.  La Flor showed us the arrogance of youth, and the cold hard reality of life in Survivor, as two members fought tooth and nail for a slip of paper with a clue.  As we progress, I am sure we will be treated to more examples of the best, and worst, of people and groups.

Survivor: Nicaragua?  Game on.


There is your 9/29 Survivor: Nicaragua re-cap.  Be sure to join us each week at nobodysview.wordpress.com for the LIVE blog.


10 responses to “9/29 Survivor: Nicaragua Will Feature Jeff Probst, Jimmy Johnson, and More Arguing! Tonight 8pm (in the West)

  1. Finally I just had a chance to watch last week’s showing of Survivor on CBS. We witnessed Coach Johnson end up being sent back to the States. Jimmy J. certainly did not remain in the game for an extended time. I considered that Dan really should have gone home he has been certainly hurting. I tend not to believe Coach Johnson would have been a risk this early on in the game. Jimmy Johnson was probably the most reasonable players considering his foundation as a NFL coach. They could possibly have held onto him longer.

    • @LOYD: I agree. J.J. was stable, and that’s not an easy thing to find on Survivor for sure. I’d have liked to have seen him stay around a bit longer. Dan might not be far behind.

  2. Via a post showdebriefing, Jimmy Johnson has come out announcing that he had no hints that the men did not follow his lead. Jimmy J. contemplated that he should have aligned with the women. On a optimistic note, Coach Jimmy supposedly said goodbye to more than 30 lbs of excess weight!!

    • @DOMINIC: Really? 30 pounds? It’s funny…so many people bag on Survivor, talking about how it is scripted, etc…now, I’ve never been on it, so I don’t know the truth of the show, but it sure seems to be authentic. J.J. said that it was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and it’s pretty hard to fake weight loss like that. The big question now is, who is gonna step up and fill his shoes? Marty? Jimmy T.? Good luck…

  3. Given that Jimmy Johnson has been eliminated from Survivor, it will be all about NaOnka Mixon. This lady is the sole player that many people are able to love to detest. This week’s tv show promises to be one to never forget.

    • @MONITORING: Probably something to that! She certainly seems to have the drive. The only thing is, in Survivor, sometimes the most outspoken make the most enemies. Even if she makes it to the end, there’s no guarantee the jury won’t turn on her…the ghosts of Russell Hantz don’t sleep soundly! But I agree…tomorrow’s show is going to be intense.

  4. I was indeed searching for the particulars pertaining to this week’s showing of Survivor and I stumbled upon your site. I do not grasp the reasons why the tribe didn’t eat the rooster as an alternative to one of the chickens. The hen chickens deliver eggs. Nevertheless I reckoned that the water obstacle was near to torture and very perilous. I think as a whole this season’s contestants are simple persons and not highly intellectual folks like in former seasons.

    • @MORA: Good point about the rooster. I often think about that, but then again, I’m not sure if they need the rooster to do…hen and rooster things. I’m not a bird biologist. As to your point about the “intellectual” nature of the folks? I tend to agree, but it could be because there was one whole “young person” tribe early on, sort of concentrating the…goofiness and making it stand out more. Maybe now that the tribes are mixed, it will alleviate that problem! Then again, maybe not…hmmm…whaddya think?

  5. The fact remains that Kelly B. would have collected votes at final episode tribal to outlast.

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