The Karate Kid and The Fellowship of the Ring

Have you ever see The Karate Kid?

I’m watching it now.

Man, what a great movie, right?  The ultimate script.  I mean, it goes beyond simply beginning, middle, and end.  The filler is pretty great, too.

It’s not all action sequences unlike so many of today’s movies (The Expendables anyone?)  And what’s interesting about it is that the dialogue between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, is often better than the action sequences.  We get invested in Daniel’s character not because he can beat people up, but because he is leaning how to avoid those situations in the future while learning from this one.

Corny?  Maybe.  But we’re talking about a movie that educates and entertains. That’s rare.

Maybe that’s why I like Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring so much.  It’s a movie that lays track.  In other words, in addition to the action sequences and the Orc battles, it has to set the stage for all that follows.  We have to meet Gandalf and Frodo, set up the key relationships, and get on the road.

And, we have to stay entertained.

And, we do.

The other movies in the Lord of the Rings series are great as well, but when you see the relationships develop in a script, that’s really what separates good from great.

At least in my opinion.

Alright, I have to go.  Miyagi just gave Daniel the keys to that yellow car…The one with no insurance that Daniel lets Elisabeth Shue drive immediately.  That must mean the tournament scene is coming up!

Yeah, it’s an action sequence…so what?



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