9/22 Survivor Nicaragua Features Jeff Probst, Jimmy Johnson, Shannon Elkins, and More!


Welcome to the 9/22 Survivor Nicaragua digest.  We do our best as usual to hit the highlights.

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The Survivors came to Nicaragua last week.

They were looking for a fight.

And they met…

Jimmy Johnson!

And he was on the bubble last week.  Surprised?

I was.

Then again, maybe I wasn’t.

Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, Shannon Elkins,Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, Jimmy Johnson, James “Jimmy T.” Tarantino, Marty Pimobo, Tyrone Davis, and Yve Rojas were back this week.

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, the goat rancher, talked her way out of town in last week’s tribal council.

Who will be next?

Let’s find out…


The 9/22 introductory montage was full of brief shots of animals and set-ups for drama, and we were introduced again to the two tribes — Espada and La Flor — which are divided into younger and older players.

We were reminded again about the Medallion of Power which can grant advantages in challenges…and were again reminded of Espada’s mistake in failing to use it last week (I’m sure we’ll continue to be reminded of that through the season).

Espada seemed a little light on sleep, and Jimmy J. tried to motivate them to build a bed.  Jimmy T. threw one of his not-yet-famous-but-soon-to-be fits.  There are going to be sparks between the Jimmys…that’s for sure.

Sash tried early to form alliances at La Flor.  It’s always fun to watch the initial scrambling as each person tries to get a read on the others.  That is where the true dynamics of Survivor surface.

Watching Jill eat snails at Espada was yet another reminder that another season of Survivor is indeed back in full swing.  There’s nothing like watching starving castaways try to figure out the local flora and fauna.  I can’t even eat certain vegetables from the local grocery store without gagging, so I can’t imagine being on Survivor with…well…whatever they’ve eaten over the years.

Later, Espada’s Holly put dirt in Dan’s shoes and sunk ’em in the water.  Russell Hantz anyone?



I can’t handle any more of Russell.

Meanwhile, Dan went looking for his shoes…his alligator shoes.  His $1600 alligator shoes.

$1600 shoes?  On Survivor?


Holly admitted that the game was draining her.  She seemed to be having an emotional issue.  She admitted what she did to Dan, and Dan didn’t seem to have a lot of sympathy for her.

Meanwhile, La Flor was experiencing footwear issues.  Apparently NaOnka lost a sock, and blamed it on the tribe.  She decided to borrow another tribe-mate’s socks.

Ah, sweet Survivor.  Alina correctly pointed out that La Flor is quickly descending into the high school mentality.

Holly and Jimmy had a heart-to-heart at Espada where she told Jimmy she wants to go home.  Jimmy tried to convince her to stay, but Holly said she wasn’t sure if she could do it.

Jimmy took it back to football and tried to encourage her like a player.  And who better to give that pep talk?  Holly took a wait-and-see attitude about the whole thing, and I guess we have to wait, too!

At the first challenge, the teams had to race through mud to a stack of hay to get a ball.  Four had to be collected.  The balls had to be bounced from shield to shield into barrels.  The reward was tarp and rope, or fishing gear.

Good stuff.

Espada had the medallion and decided to use it.

Good move.

One advantage was to have one ball already in the barrel.  Nice advantage.

Holly stumbled in the challenge, having a hard time finding the last ball.  By the time she finally found it, the younger tribe had made up a lot of the difference.  Tyrone came up big for Espada, giving them the victory.

And saving Holly…for the moment.

Espada took the fishing gear.  And isn’t that the story of Survivor?  You can get wet and live, but you can’t starve and live.

Fishing gear, indeed.

Espada returned to camp happy as ever.  Even Holly was happy about the victory.  Even Jimmy noticed the change in her, but he did admit that she might have another emotional setback in the course of the game.

Espada got a hidden immunity idol clue.  Jill figured out the clue and told Marty and Dan, which may have created an on-the-spot alliance of three.  Jill and Marty immediately started plotting.

Back at La Flor, the group was somber in the shadow of the loss.  The guys admitted that Kelly B was a terrific asset at the challenge.  Even NaOnka, a Kelly B detractor, said she was proud of her.  Brenda and Chase were identified as potential threats…an alliance La Flor would have to “break up.”

The men of La Flor tried to reason with Chase about Brenda, asking him to write her name down.

Needless to say, he didn’t want to.

The Jackman was truly Jacked.

As day six came on, the players played, the gossipers gossiped, and the schemers schemed.  Shannon became a target for NaOnka and Brenda…they even went so far as to say they could “rule this” tribe and take control.

Chase went right to Brenda with his voting information, spilling the vote count to her.  Brenda grilled Chase and he looked so uncomfortable…it was as if his boxers were filled with sand.

I’ll say this…Chase’s name was mentioned a lot in one two minute stretch of the show.  He’s obviously going to be a flash-point in this tribe.

La Flor took their torches in their first tribal and it didn’t take long for the acid to boil between Shannon and Chase.  All the La Flor dirty laundry was hung on the line, and Jeff Probst just took it all in…admiring the “whoop ass” display.

Shannon confronted Sash and asked him if he was gay.  I still don’t understand what that has to do with tribal council, but I suppose Shannon knows.

Obviously, Wendy left her shovel for Shannon…and boy, can he dig.  And dig.  And dig.

Kelly B, voice of reason, said that what La Flor needs is unity, and that tonight’s vote would hopefully bring that.

All I know is that I’ve been watching Survivor for years, and I’ve never seen a tribal like this.  All the alliances melted between the beach and the council.  I’m not sure if anyone knew where they stood going into the vote.

One of my viewing party kept saying, “Unbelievable!”

I agree.

When the votes were counted, it was Shannon.  Whether or not he was the plan going in, he certainly was the best choice going out.  I think the others are probably happy they don’t have to be in Ponderosa with Shannon.

Jeff told La Flor they are their own biggest threat, and I think there’s probably something to that.  As we said, it really has a high school feel, and from what I can tell, the home room is divided.

In the final interview, Shannon said he is a “grown up” and that he was in with a bunch of kids, and he said he hoped the older tribe would beat his tribe.

We’ll see.

But one thing’s for sure…Shannon will be watching from the comfort of his own living room.


There is your 9/22 Survivor digest.  Be sure to join us next week for the LIVE Survivor blog!



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