9/15 Starts the New Season of Survivor: Nicaragua. Abs, Bikinis, and Nicknames Will Abound

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So, we’ve come to another season of Survivor.

We here at Nobody’s View love this show…as much as we love America’s Got Talent!  And yes, we will try our best to be here each week at Nobody’s View to give you the very latest, as we blog the show live at nobodysview.wordpress.com.

The twist this year takes us to Nicaragua, and will pit the “Young” of La Flor against the “Elders” of Espada.

Interesting angle.

Who are the Survivors that will be gracing our Wednesdays?  Well, I happen to have a news clipping here of all of them, in addition to watching the show, so  let’s see:

Tribe La Flor: Kelly Shinn, Alina Wilson, Ben “Benry” Henry, Brenda Lowe, Chase Rice, Jud Birza, Kelly Bruno (two Kellys?  It had to be!), Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, NaOnka Mixon, and Shannon Elkins.

Now, by my count that is two nicknames with quotes and two Kellys.  This should be interesting.  Also, the picture shows much wash-boarding of abs and much bikini-ing.

That’s probably not a word, but in the Survivor Universe, it should be.

This group has a nursing student, a club promoter (of course), the obligatory medical student, and a P.E. teacher, among others.  As always, there was much flexing of muscles and giggling.

We’ll see if that’s enough to get past Espada.

Tribe Espada features: Dan Lembo, Holly Hoffman, Jane Bright, Jill Behm, Jimmy Johnson (yes, that Jimy Johnson), James “Jimmy T.” Tarantino (any relation?), Marty Piombo, Tyrone Davis, Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (that will be a peach to type this year), and Yve Rojas.

This group features a football coach, a fisherman, a dog trainer (that might be more useful out there than you think in terms of discipline), a fire captain and a goat rancher (that might not be as useful out there as you think).

One thing is for sure, this group will have its hands full.  But luckily, and in the best tradition of Survivor, unlike America’s Got Talent, the votes are in house, and we know what happens every year, don’t we?

You don’t?

Well, somehow the strong survive, but only just…and not always to the end.  When it comes down to it, those we often think are “weaker” tend to be the Justice Kennedys who provide the swing votes.

Classic human dynamics.

Tonight’s show was no exception.

Right from the off, we were mired in the interviews and the voice of Jeff Probst making problems…and the the cattiness among men and women came out.

Great scenery, trouble on the horizon, the struggle for power…what a season.

They separated on the beach, men and women, young and old, Jeff and contestants…isn’t this the best part?

The judging based on looks and personality starts already.  Human dynamics are what they are, and Survivor, for better or worse, is no difference.

Young and old both were judging each other…”Checking each other out.”  Jimmy Johnson was a target early.

The tribe went into the lagoon to find a medallion of power to get an advantage.  Only one for one tribe…not an individual reward.

Another Survivor carrot to dangle in front of hungry contestants…and like rabbits they scamper off.

Brenda snatched it in an early victory and the elders watched the youngers take the medallion.

The younger folks seemed really happy about the tribal split.  Some, like Jimmy Johnson, didn’t seem too sure.

Brenda and her tribe made the impossible choice: keep the medallion or trade it for tribal goods to get a head start?

In the end, they chose to trade it for fishing gear and fire, a good veteran move that will give them an advantage for sure.

Jimmy Johnson said that he is used to being in control in his football career, but in Nicaragua, he isn’t in control.  That’s a difficult position for him and it certainly puts him behind the 8-ball to start.  He may be famous, but that means he has more work to do.

Holly made a quick alliance with Wendy…maybe too quick.  It was almost unsettling.  We’ll have to see how that goes down the line.  A goat rancher and a swim coach?  Could be interesting…especially if there is a challenge to catch goats in the water.

The dog trainer immediately took over to make fire, and she was successful.  She says she has her husband’s spirit behind her and, judging by that fire-making skill, she might just be right.

I guess that’s the advantage of being on the elder tribe.  More sets of prescription glasses to make fire.

The younger folks showed us around their camp with the usual arrogance.  Shannon called another guy a “dumb blonde” and that was…humorous…and it really doesn’t bode well for group cohesion!

All this paired with a guy nicknamed Fabio and two guys walking around in Jockeys?  This is going to be a treat.

Two self-titled “alpha males” took the woods walk…they hatched their evil plot that will inevitably break down over time…and isn’t that what Survivor is all about?

Kelly B. is an amputee and she is concerned that she needs to prove herself quickly.  Unfortunately, in Survivor, that might be true.  In the “regular” world away from Survivor, she knows no one would judge, but on the island, with challenges and camp duty, Kelly is concerned.

I’m sure it will not affect her one bit in Survivor.  She seems like she’ll be a threat no matter what.

NaOnka was pretty outspoken about it, but we’ll have to see how that goes in the long run, NaOnka.  You may be surprised.

It didn’t take long for Jimmy Johnson to get the heaves.  He probably had heat stroke.  It doesn’t take long for the reality of Survivor to sink in, even for a Super Bowl coach.  He told his tribe that he was miserable for 24 hours with bugs and sickness…he said the show is harder than he imagined.

Brenda and Chase seem to have a connection, which seemed to give Chase some pause about forming a quick alliance.  Brenda seems more than ready to manipulate him for her gain.

Parvati anyone?

Alina and Kelly B. found a hidden immunity clue early.  They want to keep it for themselves…forced alliances?  The stuff of disaster.

Jimmy tried to motivate his tribe…he was honest and said he would help his tribe to win because, as he said, “no jury will give me a million bucks.”  Jimmy could end up getting all the way to the end on that strategy.

You heard it here first.

As the groups trudged in to the first challenge, it was, as expected, a show of arrogance by the younger folks.  A strange dance.  A weird serenade.

A cold reception from Espada and Jeff.

It was like watching third graders step into a college class.

The medallion was explained next.  It gives advantage at challenges.  Espada voted to keep it for this challenge and not use it to make a statement that they can compete.

At the bucket and puzzle challenge, the younger tribe had the early edge.  In the end, the younger tribe won immunity.  But, Jimmy put it in perspective:  Get rid of the weakest player and move on to fight another day.

48-year-old Jimmy T. of Espada said he was tired after the challenge and he went on a rant afterward to get rid of Jimmy.  Jimmy made a push for Wendy with Holly, Wendy’s alliance.

It was interesting to watch the tribe learn about themselves as they tried to decide who should go home.  This is really the first time on a show a group tries to figure each other out.

First tribal council was what you would expect.  Talking, smiling, a light mood to begin with.  At this point, it is real and not real at the same time.  Jimmy acknowledged he is a target every time and stressed that he was not in charge.  It didn’t look like the tribe was buying it.

They believe Jimmy Johnson is playing to win, not just playing.

Wendy made the council ending quite awkward.  He unending chatter and her plea at the end probably sunk her.

Group dynamics, Wendy.  Plain and simple.  When you talk and talk and others start shifting in their seats, it’s probably time to stop.

In the end, Wendy was the first person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua.  Not a shocking vote, but it’s always awkward to see the first person leave…especially through a graveyard.

What was that about?

The group grabbed their torches and headed back to camp.


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