9/15 America’s Got Talent Final Elimination Tonight at 7pm (IN THE WEST) Featuring Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, and Fighting Gravity

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For the last time this season, we cuddled up together as America for the final America’s Got Talent.

By now, these final four are household names.

For Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho, Michael Grimm, and Fighting Gravity  it all came down to this one night – the night when they discovered who was the winner of a million bucks and a headline show in Vegas.

And who went home.

It was a night of nail-biting and a night of…well…let’s call it what it was – filler.  But in the end, it was pretty exciting!

Sharon called it the “toughest competition” they’ve ever had.  Now, I am probably a relative newbie to AGT compared to a lot of you, but I imagine it would be hard to top this season!

The show started with the obligatory disembodied announcer voice.  Nick Cannon came out looking like a version of late-80s senior prom in his snazzy white tuxedo.

Cannon said there were more votes than ever before for this final, so tonight’s winner should feel especially proud (one of my viewing partners said, “How the hell could that be?  You can’t get through!”)


The four finalists were introduced, with Prince Poppycock standing out (of course) in his pink beehive.  He looked a little out of place (natch), book-ended by Jackie Evancho and Michael Grimm, but the effect brought a smile.

Of course, they had to ruin the introduction by showing the Piers-Poppycock debacle.

Actually, the Piers Morgan debacle.

But then they showed the highlights from the other performers and that kind of got everything back on track…Even Piers redeemed himself (sort of).

Piers went on to say that this year has been the most memorable, and, of course he blamed the talent “train wrecks” on this year’s show on Howie Mandel…everything except his own personal train wreck.


Performance 1

Prince Poppycock and Donna Summer

Poppycock performed with Summer and he looked thrilled to be with her.  She asked him not to upstage her, but I think that’s impossible…anyone would be upstaged by the Prince!

He came out in his finest pink and silver, with spiked heels.  One of my viewing companions was complementary of his ability to walk in them.

Good for you, Poppycock!

That in itself is a talent, I suppose.

When Summer came out to join him, she was pretty done up herself.  They make quite a pair, to say the least.  And very entertaining.

Imagine when Poppycock has his own show.  You’re probably going to get a lot more of this…every night…twice nightly…on the strip…in Vegas.


Shameless Plug 1

Orville Lounge

Popcorn frivolity and forced conversation.

Quite a recipe for fun!

Although, I should say seeing Cannon in Poppycock’s metal helmet was pretty cool.


Performance 2

Cirque du Soleil and the cast of “Love”

These are always entertaining performances.  Cirque is so innovative and interesting one can’t help but enjoy.

This Beatles-esque performance sponsored by Dramamine…

Did you see that guy spinning on his head?  I can’t even turn around quickly without getting sick…

Does anyone else get the feeling that Studio One Young Beast Society will eventually be absorbed by Cirque?

They certainly have the moves…


Performance 3

Michael Grimm and Jewel

Grimm said he was “honored” to be singing with her.  I’m not sure that would have been my pick, but it was certainly NBC’s, so here we are…although she does have a nice voice.

One of my viewing partners was excited about this song, “Me and Bobby McGee”.  His comment was “Great song!”

That about says it all, right?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Grimm is amazing.  He’s got it made, if ever any blues man did.


Performance 4

Fighting Gravity and Lionel Richie


Remember the song Dancing on the Ceiling?  Good song.  And paired with Fighting Gravity, it was even better.

What can I say?  I’m a fan of 80s music.

Deal with it.

Although, there appeared to be a problem with Fighting Gravity.  They sort of disappeared from the act.  They re-emerged later, thank goodness, to interesting effect.

Fighting Gravity made Richie an honorary member.  That was nice!  I’m sure he will be much more pleased with the licensing of his song for their Vegas show.


Cannon Montage 1

Howie introduced a package showing us Nick Cannon’s highlights (and low-lights) as host.  I have to say he was very entertaining this year.

Any guy who would dance to “Up In My Studio,” and have knives thrown at him voluntarily better be back next season.


Performance 5

When Spongetta came back to sing “Studio” live, well…that pretty much was the frosting on the America’s Got Talent cake for this season.


Me either.

And something for the Cannon-family gag reel.

Great…now that song is stuck in my head.  Nick, please don’t produce this song as a single.

That goes for you too, T-Pain.

I think I’ll go hide in my studio…studio…up in my studio.


Show Montage 1

A look back at the high highs and very low lows from the auditions.  There was some great talent in shows past, including the guy with the crazy eyebrows.

Remember him?

I didn’t either until I saw him, so don’t feel bad.

A particularly painful memory was Clownvis, the apparently insult-comic clown.  I wonder where he is these days?

Uh oh…I think he’s up in the studio…studio…


Performance 6

They brought back a lot of the supposed “All Stars” in a performance to “I Gotta Feeling” that at times bordered on…well…horrifying.

Somewhere the Black Eyed Peas are vomiting.

I’m sure Piers’s buzzer finger was itching something crazy.


Performance 7

Jackie Evancho and Sarah Brightman

All season long I and my viewing partners have been saying Evancho is the next Brightman.

This duet had to be.

The reprise of Time To Say Goodbye was just as amazing the second time around.  This was an especially amazing performance, because how often does one savant perform next to her eventual successor?

When they sang as one it was striking how little difference there was.  That final shot will be one for the ages…and for their CD cover.

Evancho says she’s been dreaming of this for so long, and I believe it.

And soon, in the words of Ian and Sylvia (or Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell) in The Circle Game, “There’ll be new dreams maybe better dreams and plenty, before the last revolving year is through.”

I’m sure your revolving years will be blessed Jackie.  Take Brightman’s advice and take care of that voice!


Shameless Plug 2

Jimmy Smits and David Ramsay from NBC’s Outlaw.


Thanks for that.


Judge Montage 1

The judges had a chance to show us their best, and most bitter, sides.  I would say Piers came off looking like the bad guy, but…y’know…

It was funny to see Howie panic when it came to the magic act involving dental floss.  And, there is nothing like seeing Piers get sick of Howie.

Man, I could watch that forever…or, at least a few more seasons.

The Fighting Funk cameo as judges was…well…

It was.


Performance 8

David Copperfield

This guy is a great showman.  He is where Michael Grasso could be heading eventually, and that is a nice thought.

Copperfield got the audience loose and involved and showed why he is the elite.  “What the heck?” and “How the hell did he do that” was uttered by my viewing group tonight.

What and how, indeed.


Performance 9

Goo Goo Dolls

Interesting choice for the show, although it was nice to hear “Slide” live…if only for a minute.

I couldn’t resist a quick channel change to Man v. Food to see the Sasquatch Burger.

Adam Richman’s talent for virtually-endless eating is an under-appreciated skill, folks.

You heard it here.


Behind-the-Scenes Random Montage 1

They showed the final four getting ready for their shows, behind the scenes.

It’s so important not to forget how much work goes into a dream…even when it is being realized!

Poppycock said it takes him 3-6 hours to put makeup on…yikes!

And, once again, we had to see Prince Poppycock get buzzed.  If I never see that again, I’ll be happy.


Elimination 1

Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity

Fourth place went to Prince Poppycock.

They reviewed his performances and it just gets better and better each time we see him.  And we’ll certainly be seeing more of him.

That Champagne bottle was classic.

Is it full?

Take it and celebrate, Prince, before you dates fill up with performances.

Piers admitted he made a mistake on the buzzer, saying he should have buzzed earlier.  Was that funny?  But he went on to say that the Donna Summer campiness was Poppycock’s brand, and I’m sure it will be in the future.


Elimination 2

Fighting Gravity, Michael Grimm, and Jackie Evancho

Third place went to Fighting Gravity.

That was a little surprising, but then again, maybe not.  The talent was so intense this season, it was nearly impossible to choose.

Knowing what they sacrificed to be here, I know good things are going to happen to them.  As Sharon said, “huge opportunities” await.

They can get to Vegas a few hours sooner now.

We’ll be seeing you at whatever casino you perform in, guys.  Oh, and enjoy UNLV.  Just make sure you don’t spend your student loans at the casino.


Performance 10


Back to Man v. Food

(Apologies, Usher fans.)


Elimination 3

Michael Grimm and Jackie Evancho

After a long montage and some milking, the winner was Michael Grimm.



Michael could hardly believe it.

Jackie was amazingly graceful, as was Grimm.  This was a bit of an upset, but in the end, they were both so amazing, it could have been anyone.

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