9/14 America’s Got Talent Final Performances Feature Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity

It was time.

The 9/14 America’s Got Talent final performances.

We’ve been waiting a long time.

Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho, and Fighting Gravity all performed one more time for their chance at a cool million and a headline show.

Nick Cannon yelled “Hollywood!” before the performance.

Piers looked smug as ever.

The introductions were great.  All the acts stepped forward, looking perfectly polished.  I said to my viewing partners, “I’d be okay with any of these groups!”

They did a retrospective of how the acts got to the finals, and it was weird to think that we’ve been through so many week of this.  Think about all the groups and acts that you loved that you now maybe cannot remember.

Acts we thought would stand the test of time:  Sally Cohn, Debra Romer, Haspop, Alice Tan Ridley, ridiculous people with chainsaws and various sharp implements going into their bodies…

Then, there were those that totally inspired us:  Christina and Ali, Michael Grasso…

But now there were only four.  Four acts looking to live their dream.

Sharon called the atmosphere “electrifying” and that’s probably pretty close.  You can just imagine the nervous energy flowing through the acts…probably enough to power a small city!


Performance 1

Prince Poppycock

This is something I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.  His act is just truly spectacular, and as we’ve said, with a Vegas budget, the sky is the limit for him.  As Howie said, his “variety” is truly amazing.

Tonight, his performance was terrific, despite Piers’ awful, shameful buzz.  It reminds me of that incredible movie, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”…and the impeccable Terence Stamp.

Shame on you Piers.  How dare you destroy a dream at the last moment.  You may have a point about the “fun,” but Poppycock has worked so hard…

Thank you Sharon for calling Piers out on his selfishness.


Piers, let America decide.  It’s not called “Piers has talent…”


Performance 2

Michael Grimm

This guy has been nothing but solid from day 1.  And, he wants to help his grandparents recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Mandel says he’s “blossomed as a star” and I think that’s true.  He has channeled his grit into magical performances that have America waiting for his CD and world tour.

With his rendition of the classic, “When a Man Loves a Woman” he surely cemented himself into a recording contract.

He had the look of a performer who really connected with the audience, and America, tonight.


Sharon Osbourne said she had goosebumps…and that Ozzy Osbourne, her hubby, put $100 on him to win.

One of my viewing partners says Grimm sounds like Harry Connick, Jr.  Another says he’s like Michael Bolton sans the awful.

But any way you slice it, this kid has incredible talent and I can’t wait to hear more from him.



Performance 3

Jackie Evancho

She had an interview with Nick Cannon and he asked if she had to sacrifice anything for her singing…she said she has had to sacrifice school and playing with her pets, but it is certainly paying off.

She is no doubt the biggest voice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and probably in the world for her age.  She has a lot of pressure on her going into the finals, as she is no doubt the favorite.

Her Ave Maria tonight was flawless and emotional.  The angelic look of her dress and the background performers gave the whole performance an ethereal look to match the music.

Everyone was brought to their feet, and deservedly so.  She never ceases to amaze, surprise, and perfect her craft.

Howie called it an out-of-body experience, saying that Evancho is the voice we hear before we die…

Moving on…

Piers pegged her as the favorite, saying he has never seen an act that has more potential than Jackie, and Sharon was complementary of her range and pitch.  Hers was truly an inspired performance.


Intermission 1

The variety acts from 2010.

Harmonica Pierre was there, the high flying acrobats Lipari and Dejon, Michael Grasso, Haspop, Anna and Patryk, Studio One Young Beast Society

There was a lot of talent this year…and it was good to see Anna and Patryk again.  They definitely have a place in America’s heart.


Performance 4

Fighting Gravity.

Thank you, Fighting Gravity, for making one more stop at AGT on your way to Las Vegas.  Say hi to the act that will soon be vacating the casino theater you will soon occupy.

In the meantime, your performance tonight was stellar.  Always interesting, always unique, you will be incredible with a budget, as we’ve said.

I’m not sure anyone is going to beat Ms. Jackie, but I have to say, in terms of Vegas wow and Vegas appeal, they have an incredible edge over anyone on the planet right now.

Piers tried once again to tear down another group, but fortunately, he can’t stop their train to success.  Was there a mistake?  Sure.  But when I went to see Siegfried and Roy there was also a mistake.

And it was still a great show.

And they were still great performers.

America (or, at least for those reading), please try to be the kind of person that is encouraging and tries to build people up.  Take Piers’ criticisms as a lesson…making people feel bad about themselves, no matter what your job description, is not a good way to go.

But in the end, I guess karma takes care of that.


There is your 9/14 America’s Got Talent Final Performance re-cap.  Join us tomorrow for the LIVE blog of the 9/15 AGT Final at nobodysview.wordpress.com.


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