9/7 America’s Got Talent Final 10 Feature Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Anna and Patryk, and Christina and Ali

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They’re back, folks.

No, not just Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, and Disembodied Announcer Guy.


They big ten are back.

With 90,000 entries, we only have 10 whose lives are going to change…hopefully for the better!

Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, Prince Poppycock, Studio One Young Beast Society, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Anna and Patryk, Michael Grasso, Taylor Matthews, Michael Grimm, & Christina and Ali all performed on 9/7 America’s Got Talent.

What’s your opinion?

Who should take it?

Do you think America’s already decided?

One friend has predicted Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity standing side-by-side after the dust settles.

That’s probably a good prediction!

Tonight is the last performance before next week’s finals.  There is no judge’s choice.  There’s only America…

The show started with a…dinner party of sorts where the judges mingled with the final 10.  Piers did his best to look…not awkward…and isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?

Goodness, I hope not!


Up first was Studio One Young Beast Society, a group that many thought robbed Alice Tan Ridley of a richly deserved spot.

But remember, Ridley came along in a year full of singers, and light on dancers.  Studio One knows they have to be perfect to beat out the crop.

Each week, this group pushes it higher and higher, and makes it more and more dangerous…and they don’t have a choice.

Their performance tonight had some unbelievable dance moves, and they really looked like they came to win, and not just hold space next to Evancho.  The standing ovation cemented that, re-affirming their crowd-pleasing popularity.

They even got high praise from Piers.

The Young Beast Society could be contenders…and Las Vegas regulars.


Christina and Ali came up next.  By now you know their story and you know how inspiring it is.

Can we do anything we want to do?

Christina and Ali seem to think so, and who are we to argue with them?  I’m certainly not going to.

Tonight’s selection was the upbeat, “Love You I do,” and I think that was a pretty good selection for them, as it gave them an ability to show their range and their mood, which is always upbeat.

Piers is right…they are coming to be seen more as singers than just an inspiring story; and in the end, I think that’s what Christina and Ali would want.  In fact, I’m sure of it.

Does America love them?  They do…


The death-defying Jeremy VanSchoonhoven brought out his crazy act for America.

This guy is hard to watch.  As we said last week, there’s that ‘breath-holding’ moment when he is out there when you know he’s just a few inches away from disaster.

But I think America loves that.

He had quite a set-up tonight.  Piers was right when he said Jeremy would either win AGT or die trying.


His act this evening was nothing short of insane.  he had cars, walls, dumpsters…and the well-deserved standing ovation.  He almost left Howie speechless.

And he only had four practices for this routine?  Wow.

Ultimate showman, Piers?  Indeed.


Taylor Matthews was the next to bring his off-Bieber-ish-iffic act to America.  It was good to see him with a guitar in his hands again.

His rendition of “What A Wonderful World” was nice, especially with the back-up support.  It had a nice, breezy sound.

This was a good week for Taylor.  This is the week he carved out his own niche and really spread his wings.  There is a lot of ‘pop’ out there, and a lot is flat.  Taylor has an opportunity to mix it up in the music world.

Let’s hope he keeps it going and doesn’t sell out completely.


Taylor Matthews, I’m asking you to find Luigi Seno’s phone number, call him, and get it going.



Anna and Patryk lit up the stage as always.

These are the wunderkinds of dance, and I hope they are the stars of a Strictly Ballroom re-make.

Remember Strictly Ballroom?

If you haven’t seen it rent it.

Anyway, Anna and Patryk are just spectacular and I cannot say enough about them…they are absolute technicians whom I could watch for the whole two hours.  Anna had a small slip at the start, but it didn’t detract from their performance at all.

Simply extraordinary.

Anna cried at the end due to her fall.  But you know?  She got right up and it was just sensational.

Anna, listen to me:  I know you are a perfectionist.  That is why you are stellar.  But even a perfectionist can make a small error.  Think of it this way…if you never made a mistake how would you know perfection?

You will both be a hit on the traveling show.  Trust me.


Intermission 1

Enrique Iglesias

Once again, a performer who, honestly, is not that much different than folks like Seno or Matthews.

I could be wrong, though.  What do I know?  I’m not a talent scout.


Fighting Gravity was up next with their amazing black light show.  At this point, America’s Got Talent is just a formality…their contract is waiting.

And tonight, they did not disappoint.  I have to say that looking back, they’ll say leaving college to do this was a great idea…especially when they are all finishing their degrees at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Tonight they added lasers and Neil Armstrong to great effect.

With a Vegas budget, look out.


Michael Grimm is spectacular.  His gritty voice and soulful self are just terrific.

It was hard to see him without his guitar, but he really pulled it off.  He is just a fantastic performer.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think this guy is a superstar?  His confidence, his heart, and his tone are spot on.

And when he goes on tour soon, I’ll get to see it in person.


Michael Grasso’s amazing illusions were next.  He came back from wildcard obscurity to being one of the great magic acts I’ve seen.

Tonight, I was watching with others who said, “Wait…huh?  How did he do that?”  It was an incredible display tonight that left everyone baffled, including the judges.

Each week he gives more and more and continues to make his case not just for AGT, but for his own show at the MGM.  This guy is one amazing illusionist…

But his talent is no illusion, that’s for sure.


Prince Poppycock is so unique.  It’s strange to see him interview without makeup on, as we’ve become so accustomed to the character.

Tonight was his salute to America, and it was certainly…spangled.  A spectacle worthy of the best variety shows.

Poppycock is a master of detail, showmanship, and shock.  He will go far.  He will rise high.  And the entertainment world will be better for it.

The Poppycock cavalcade is coming to town.  Line the streets, folks.


And last, but certainly not least, front-runner Jackie Evancho.

She is the favorite.  Has to be.

And tonight she showed us why.  Her Pie Jesu was amazing.  I actually sang the Andrew Lloyd Webber Requiem years ago with a boys choir, and this section was the highlight.  I didn’t sing this particular solo (one of my friends did) but what an experience.

Jackie brought back some great memories for me tonight, and gave America a fine moment.

Piers said he has possibly never heard a vocal performance like that before.  And you know?  He’s probably right.

Howie is right.  There really are no words to describe what America is witnessing.  And no, naysayers, that is not an overstatement.


There is your 9/7 America’s Got Talent summary.  Join us live for the results show tomorrow as we blog it LIVE at 8pm (in the West).


9 responses to “9/7 America’s Got Talent Final 10 Feature Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Anna and Patryk, and Christina and Ali

  1. Finally a singer who could do justice to the song “Try a Little Tenderness” – Michael Grimm’s wonderful gravelly soulful voice could really do an incredible job with this classic. This song has not been done by anyone for decades, but is a classic that deserves a resurrection by a gifted singer like Michael.
    Please Michael – sing “Try a Little Tenderness” or at least include it on your first CD! I LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!

    • @ABBY: Welcome! But remember, we here in the west have not seen it yet! We’re still 13 minutes away! But I’m now looking forward to Grimm’s performance. Thank you for the teaser! I love this guy and I love his voice. Win or not, he’s on my “see on tour” list.

  2. The final Five will be:
    Michael Grimm
    Jackie Evancho
    Fighting Gravity
    Prince Poppycock
    Michael Grasso

  3. Nobodysview:

    You are in for a treat!! Excellent performances tonight that will blow you away!

    • @ABBY: That is pretty close to my list. I am waiting for Anna and Patryk tonight. They are just so terrific, I’m hoping for a great performance. But I think you and I have pretty much the same taste here.

  4. Anna and Patryk danced fabulously tonight.

  5. Whoa! A couple of surprises tonight! I’m waiting for the final act to be selected. ‘Hope I have fingernails left after this!

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