9/1 America’s Got Talent Second Semifinal Eliminations Feature Jackie Evancho, Nathaniel Kenyon, Debra Romer, and Fighting Gravity – LIVE at 8pm

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Welcome to the nobodysview.wordpress.com digest of the much-awaited 9/1 America’s Got Talent second semifinal eliminations.

Haspop, Studio One Young Beast Society, Fighting Gravity, Murray, Maestro Alexander Bui, Nathaniel Kenyon, Debra Romer, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grasso, Alice Tan Ridley, and Jackie Evancho will all discover their fates.

Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Nick Cannon are back and presented us with five winners to join last week’s finalists.

The competition last night was crazy, and there’s no doubt many more than five acts should go through.

But that’s not the case, is it?



Elimination 1

Debra Romer, Michael Grasso, Murray, Nathaniel Kenyon

America picked  Michael Grasso.

Great pick.

Maybe not the sentimental pick, but a great pick nonetheless.

This was an interesting group.  A few of these acts rose to the occasion, others didn’t, and there were some folks in here who were probably top picks many weeks ago, even though they’re not going through tonight.

Piers said that Romer could polish up a bit and be big in the future, but that Nathaniel had a lot more work to do.  He also called Grasso the magician most at the top of his game.

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Debra Romer, however.  I think she has a great future.  Her story, her talent, and her determination are just too great not to.

And, I know we’ll be seeing more of Grasso.  In fact, next time I go to Vegas, I count on seeing his name on one marquee or another.


Popcorn break:  Yes, there was the obligatory *product placement* popcorn break.


Intermission 1

La Reve

This was pretty interesting, and shows Vegas’ penchant for acrobatic, dangerous acts.  Lipari & Dejon would probably fit in with them nicely.

I’m willing to bet that Fighting Gravity will someday be an intermission on AGT, fresh from their act at some big name place.

Wouldn’t that be great?


Elimination 2

Fighting Gravity, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

America chose both.  I think this made Sharon very happy.  And, on some level, I think this was a nod to the “variety” element of AGT.

Both of these groups have a lot of pressure on them to really step it up next week, but Jeremy really has to be careful after his last spill!

I look forward to seeing both of these acts next week.


Intermission 2

Jason Derulo

I have never heard of Jason Derulo.

So, I guess that means I can’t comment.

So I won’t.


Cameo 1

Jerry Springer

Wasn’t it great when Nick Cannon pretended he didn’t now Springer was coming out?

Springer was plugging he America’s Got Talent stage tour, where the winner and the favorites will perform.

I’d like to go to that.

I’ll have to see how much it costs.

Isn’t that always the rub?


Elimination 3

Haspop, Jackie Evancho, Maestro Alexander Bui

America picked Evancho.

I’ll be that smarted when Haspop and Bui heard their names called with Jackie.  That has to be something nobody wanted.

Could this pick go in any other direction?

Probably not.

Although, Haspop and Bui certainly have no reason to hang their heads…they have unique talents that will probably see them go pretty far.

And, when Piers called Mandel a cultural ignoramus for buzzing Bui, well, Maestro Alexander should really cherish that.


Judge’s Pick

Studio One Young Beast Society, Lipari & Dejon, and Alice Tan Ridley

Quite a grouping here.  Honestly, I have to say I’m surprised to see that Ridley fell this far.

In the end, America sent home Lipari & Dejon, and out of this group, that was probably the right call.

However, I am sure there is a stage show somewhere in Vegas penciling them in for one death-defying act or another.

Piers picked Studio One, saying they really deserved it.

Sharon called Ridley “sensational” and said that Studio One was a dedicated role model for America’s youth.  In the end, she voted for Studio One.

Howie’s vote was unnecessary at that point.

So, Studio One is in the top 10.

Piers called this moment “cruel,” and, it was cruel.  Alice Tan Ridley is simply amazing, and she had the bad fortune of ending up in the “Judge’s Choice” category in a year stacked with singers.

So, this week’s five will join Christina and Ali, Taylor Matthews, Prince Poppycock, Anna and Patryk, and Michael Grimm in the finals.

And, what a final it will be.

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2 responses to “9/1 America’s Got Talent Second Semifinal Eliminations Feature Jackie Evancho, Nathaniel Kenyon, Debra Romer, and Fighting Gravity – LIVE at 8pm

  1. Alice Tan Ridley was robbed! She is most comparable to Ella Fitzgerald, and Mavis Staples, and her exclusion mars the finals and robs the show of a serious contender. With another performance similar to “At Last”, a spectacular showcase for her soulful voice, I believe she might have won it all! I will be waiting for the CD eagerly!

    • @PAULA: I think you make a good case. Unfortunately, she was stuck in a year of singers, and at the end of the show, she was standing next to a dance group in a year light on dance groups waiting for a Judge’s pick. I think AGT is a great show, but at times, it really feels…unfair. But I’ll bet Alice is on her way to something very special, and I have a feeling you will see that CD soon!

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