8/25 America’s Got Talent Semifinal Eliminations Feature Christina and Ali, Prince Poppycock, and Michael Grimm

Tonight was the America’s Got Talent semifinals elimination show!

Only 5 could move on from here to the finals.

Nick Cannon, Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne were back to witness for us as we determined America’s will.

That sounds really grandiose.

Too grandiose.

Prince Poppycock, Anna and Patryk, Taylor Matthews, Ascendance, Kristina Young, Michael Grimm, Future Funk, Antonio Restivo, Arcattack, and Connor Doran awaited their fates in the green room…

All of them looking green with nerves.

Cannon and Morgan sparred…as usual…and Morgan sputtered out some justifications for why he continually “X”-es so many acts.


Let’s move on.


Elimination 1

Arcattack, Dan Sperry, Future Funk, and Kristina Young


None of these groups moved on.

This was a tough one.  The spin that no groups moved through was a bit shocking.  I think there was some mediocrity throughout these groups that made a standout hard to pick.

Kristina Young was pretty weak, but I thought some of the other three might have definitely found a niche.  Arcattack probably had a good argument to go on, but America has spoken.

Acts like Future Funk and Dan Sperry will almost certainly find themselves performing somewhere.


Just not in the finals.


Intermission 1

Recycled Percussion

They certainly were high energy.  I guess they’ve found some success because of America’s Got Talent.


They seem to be a mix between Stomp and…something like Stomp…Or PHX Percussion who performs at Phoenix Suns games.

I like their final message about never giving up.  I agree.  No matter how many roadblocks they throw your way, never give up.



Intermission 2

Jimmy Fallon

I like Fallon.  I thought he was a good anchor for the Saturday Night Live news desk…even better with Tina Fey.

His impressions tonight were pretty funny.  It would be nice to see more than 90 seconds of it.  I can’t say I’ll be watching the Emmy Awards, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love Fallon.

Especially his Adam Sandler impression…


Elimination 2

Ascendance and Anna & Patryk


I was really hoping both of these groups would move through, but I have to say that of the both of them, Anna and Patryk were my choice.

Ascendance definitely has a powerful niche.  I can see them as an act that you might encounter while walking through a casino.  An act that makes you stop and say, “Wow!”

Or, an act that you go to a casino to see at a set time…like the Bellagio fountain show.

I can’t wait to see Anna and Patryk in the finals.  If nothing else, we know it will be entertaining perfection.


Intermission 3

Kylie Minogue


I’d rather see Luigi Seno.  But then again, nobody asked me…


Elimination 3

Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, Taylor Matthews

There was a lot of firepower in here.  Grimm is total grit and talent and Poppycock is truly a remarkable performer.

Taylor Matthews is sort of Justin Bieber with longer hair.

That was a lot of competition.

In the end, America chose all three.  I think that was a good choice.  Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm could potentially win this whole thing.

Taylor needs to be himself again, and I think he will do well.


Judges’ Pick

Antonio Restivo, Christina and Ali, Connor Doran

Once again, we come to the difficulty with America’s Got Talent.

There is no doubt Christina and Ali are one of America’s favorites, but Antonio is certainly the bigger act.  Connor is unique, and his act is potentially exquisite.

America did not choose Antonio Restivo, and I have to say that was a shocking result.  I really thought he would make it through.

That left Ali and Christina and Connor Doran…which I’m guessing was a nightmare for the judges.  If ever there were two acts that really deserved a chance, you were looking at them.

Piers was complimentary to both groups, but chose Christina and Ali.

Howie said he hated making the choice, but he eventually picked Connor due to his variety act.

Sharon cast the deciding vote and, after much hand-wringing picked Christina and Ali…breaking “only one heart”.

Next week, the second semifinal will feature Haspop, Studio One Young Beast Society, Fighting Gravity, Murray, Maestro Alexander Bui, Nathaniel Kenyon, Debra Romer, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grosso, Alice Tan Ridley, and Jackie Evancho.

There are a lot of great acts in there.

I think that will make for great television…or, at least good television.


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