8/24 America’s Got Talent Semi-finals Feature Christina and Ali, Dan Sperry, and Michael Grimm

It’s time for the 8/24 America’s Got Talent Semis!

Piers Morgan is back.  Yay.  Woo hoo.  Terrific.

So are Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

Oh, and Nick Cannon.

Can’t forget Cannon.

Tonight featured Ali & Christina, Future Funk, Ascendance, Dan Sperry, Kristina Young, Anna & Patryk, Arcattack, Taylor Matthews, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Antonio Restivo, and Connor Doran.

Who deserves it?

Well, there are a lot of greats in here.

First up is Anna & Patryk.  I loved what Patryk had to say about Howie.  He says Howie is his inspiration to be angry for tonight’s dance.


They were great.  They always seem to step it up, show after show.

And, they keep getting high praise from Piers, and that brings votes…plain and simple.

Next up?  Christina and Ali.  Their story is certainly inspiring.  Each time they perform, they remind us of their triumph over Cystic Fibrosis, and I think that’s great.

We need more reminders of what’s possible in the face of adversity.

Their performance of “When You Believe” wasn’t stellar, but they do make a great pair, that’s for sure.  I have to agree with Sharon that they do seem more natural.

I’m glad they didn’t get buzzed.  I’m glad Piers had enough self-control to stay his hand and hand out some praise where it was deserved.

Antonio Restivo stood before the cameras and said that he has sacrificed all of his money for his acts.


That is a level of dedication that is truly inspiring.  I like this guy (and not just because he follows nobodysview on Twitter).  He is so into what he does…he’s so consumed by it, that one can’t help but look on with interest!

His illusion tonight was great, and I love the fire.

It matches his intensity.

And, I agree with Piers.  He is quite a showman, and I think it would be great somewhere on (or off) the strip in Vegas.

Future Funk was up next.  They continue to wow the crowd with all the big talent in their tiny little bodies.

Tonight wasn’t their best, but it was still impressive…for their age.  Piers wasn’t thrilled, but y’know…that is what it is.

Next came Taylor Matthews.

You know him…He’s the guy with the Justin Bieber ‘do.  But still, he’s pretty talented.

It was nice to see him on the piano and working the audience with the mic.  He really looked confident.

It wasn’t super-ultra fantastic…but it wasn’t bad.

Up next was Connor Doran.  The more I see this guy, the more I really like him.  Last week I waxed philosophic about what his show would be like in Vegas with a budget.


Howie says that each week Connor does the same thing…and to an extent that’s true.  But I think in the long run, Connor’s show would be about the music, the lighting, and the effects.  There’s something to that, especially if it’s a show in Vegas that people will likely see only once in a lifetime.

His performance tonight was nice.  Not magical, as Piers said, but nice.  I agree with Howie Mandel when he describes it as mesmerizing when it is at its best.

And then there was Dan Sperry.


This guy pushes the envelope, as Howie knows.  I can’t imagine how this guy couldn’t be in Vegas.  Vegas was made for Dan.

Piers was right…the arm was pretty fake-looking.  But then again, Dan is right as well.  There is an idea of imagination.

And Howie is right…Dan needs to be his character.  That is really where Dan can plant his flag.  What a great gig, right?  Just be yourself and win fame.

Do it, Dan.

Kristina Young was the next performer.  She said she’s been singing since age 5, and that she has the support of a strong family.  Furthermore, she said AGT has helped reunite her with her father.

That’s nice, and certainly a nice outcome.

But as for her performance?  I’m not sure her Lady Gaga Poker Face was stellar enough to rise above the rest of competition.  I don’t think the song really suited her.

Looks like the judges agreed.  Sharon said it best.

It was just too huge.  It was a risk for sure, but maybe we’ll be seeing Kristina somewhere down the road.

Arcattack brought their…high-energy performance back to the stage.  Each time they come on stage it seems like there is a chance for some kind of disaster!

Tonight, they were pretty good.  The music and effects really brought it up a notch.  As for Piers’ criticism that he doesn’t know how many times he could watch it?  I’d make the same argument here that I’d make for others in this show.  For Vegas and a one-time view, it’s pretty spectacular.

And, literally, high-energy.

Michael Grimm was next.  This guy is terrific.  His story and his voice are great.

He spoke about how tough the entertainment business is, and he’s right.  But I think this show will break him out…even though he was seriously ill right before the performance.

He was great tonight.  He’s certainly another performer whose CD I would purchase immediately.

Pure grit.  Pure heart.  Pure talent.

Ascendance was next to climb the wall.

This is really a great act.  Not only is it unique, but it is such an amazing display or strength and discipline.  To be that coordinated in those positions is really spectacular.

The judges indicated that it was not as good as in the past, criticizing the lack of danger and the music choice.

I don’t know about that.  I’d like to see them again.

Prince Poppycock was the final contestant, bringing his opera character back to the stage.  This is really a great act, and tonight was no exception.  His pop, his style, and his character were on full display, much to everyone’s delight.

This self-proclaimed “shy outsider” is outside no more.  His voice and his style will probably see him go far.

At least to the finals…


There is your re-cap of this week’s America’s Got Talent Semis.  Be sure to continue following the shows live at nobodysview.wordpress.com.


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