8/18 America’s Got Talent Wildcard Eliminations Featuring CJ Dippa, Anna and Patryk: LIVE at 8pm

If it’s Wednesday, there must be eliminations on America’s Got Talent.

And, there were!

Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, Nick Cannon and the rest returned for more praise, mudslinging, and red-“X”-memory!

Anna and Patryk, Doogie Horner, Kruti Dance Academy, Harmonica Pierre, RNG, Rudi Macaggi, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grasso, Swing Shift Side Show, Connor Doran, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, and CJ Dippa returned, hoping to be America’s pick.

So, here we are at nobodysview.wordpress.com blogging them live in the west.  Settle in, enjoy, and join the conversation…I know you’re out there.  And don’t worry, I don’t bite.

Nick gave his obligatory shout-out to the green room where everyone looked happy (but c’mon…their hearts must be going a mile a minute).

Piers treated us, as always, to a bit of nasty insult…

Needs some sugar, Piers.


Elimination 1

Kruti Dance Academy, Michael Grasso, Rudi Macaggi, Swing Shift Side Show

America picked Michael Grasso, and I think it was the right pick.  His illusion last night was terrific.

There were a lot of great acts in this bunch.  Swing Shift was a bit out there for me.  It is so hard to watch someone swallow swords!  I just keep thinking about the point aiming for the stomach while the sides caress the esophagus.


But who am I to judge, right?


It was hard to see Kruti leave.  Their cultural and colorful flair was really nice and I hope to see them down the road…maybe at the live tour (if I go).

Rudi Macaggi, as we’ve said, is well on his way to Vegas, even without AGT’s help.  He has such a unique act, his eventual fame seems inevitable.


At the break we were treated to another view of sword swallowing, and you know what?

It’s harder to watch a second time…

And a third.

And a fourth…


Intermission 1 – Criss Angel

I love this guy…even with his shameless plug for his show “at the Luxor, Las Vegas…”

Perhaps the best part of this intermission was when Angel himself couldn’t resist digging Piers, as Piers yanked the bonds on the straitjacket with an amazing show of strength!

Criss was able to get out of the jacket in exactly a minute.  Pretty impressive.  I wonder if he could be a contestant on the show…

I’ll bet Piers would still buzz him.


Elimination 2

Hot Shot Tap Dancers, RNG, Anna and Patryk

America chose Anna and Patryk.

This was a pretty easy choice.  Though all the groups are talented and are certainly pursing their dream, Anna and Patryk were just so amazing, it was hard not to put them through.

I just know someday I’ll be on a cruise and there they’ll be:  Anna and Patryk giving the ballroom dance lessons while on a break from their world tour.



Elimination 3

CJ Dippa and Connor Doran

America chose Connor Doran.

This was a great choice.  I love what Connor does.  His kite flying is just so beautiful, and as we said yesterday, one can just see the look of peace on his face while they’re flying.

I can only imagine how great this would be with a Las Vegas budget and Connor at the creative helm.

And CJ?  You’ll be back.  Justin Bieber hasn’t closed out the young rapper category, so I think you’re safe.  We’ll be hearing more from you soon.


Intermission 2

LeAnn Rimes

Oh, excuse me…”Grammy Award (reg.) winning, LeAnn Rimes.”

Sorry Mr. Cannon.

I think it’s interesting how so many of the intermission acts aren’t really that different voice or talent-wise from some of the contestants, many of whom have been buzzed.

That’s the big issue we all know:  In the end, it comes down to marketing, right?



Judges’ Choice

Harmonica Pierre, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Doogie Horner

America sent home Doogie Horner.

That was probably expected, the “America’s Got Doogie,” T-shirt notwithstanding.  But honestly?  He’s done more in this show for his comedy career than many did on Last Comic Standing.

So, how did it go?

Piers went with Harmonica Pierre due to his unique character.

Sharon Osbourne went with Lipari and Dejon.  She was a little more taken with the edge of her pick from last night.

Howie Mandel cast the deciding vote for who he thought was the edgier act.  He went with Michael and Ashleigh.

I’m not sure how to feel about this one.  There is something about Harmonica Pierre.  He is so unique.

I know…

How about we package Harmonica Pierre and the Hand Whistling Sally Cohn and send them across the country?

I’d go to see it.

But then again, who am I?



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