8/17 America’s Got Talent Wildcards Feature Anna and Patryk, Rudi Macaggi, and CJ Dippa

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Welcome to the nobodysview.wordpress.com America’s Got Talent wildcard summary.

They said tonight was about a second chance…

Each judge, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan, got to choose their faves.

Anna and Patryk, Doogie Horner, Kruti Dance Academy, Harmonica Pierre, RNG, Rudi Macaggi, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dejon, Michael Grasso, Swing Shift Side Show, Connor Doran, The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, and CJ Dippa are back.

Is your favorite in here?

One of mine is:  Anna and Patryk.  Indeed.

But I have to wonder, where is the hand whistling Sally Cohn?

Didn’t you love that exchange between Piers and the others?  He actually called them half-wits.  Man, that’s great.  Pots and kettles, folks…but I do agree that the Kruti Dance are pretty great, and I’d love to see that form of dancing rise to greater prominence.

Rudi Macaggi was quite impressive, as well.  I can’t believe Piers buzzed.  I have a hard time watching him, but I just can’t believe they keep dogging Macaggi.  This is getting quite painful!  I really feel for this guy.

Next is the return of CJ Dippa and his rap of love.  That’s right.  The big Dippa is in love.

Cute, right?

That was quite a motorcycle…and quite a moonwalk.  This is certainly a boy of many talents, I have to say…Piers’ buzz notwithstanding.  I do admire the fact that he blew the whistle on himself.  That alone might get him through.

RNG is next in the lion’s den.  Their battle against future funk will be the stuff of preschool playground lore for years to come, right?  Right?  If nothing else, vote for them because they put a Howie-bite into their song.

It’s nice to see Harmonica Pierre back, isn’t it?  Hello?

Well, I think so.

This guy has a bit of class to him.  And listen, any guy that has that many harmonicas deserves to be noticed.  His song tonight had a nice sound to it…it almost sounded like an actual pop track…all set against the background of Howie’s instant “X”…which I think was probably an accident and not some kind of sick revenge.

Okay…it was sick revenge.

Illusionist Michael Grasso was next.  What a shame he didn’t do more of that sleight-of-hand close-up stuff.  But still, his illusion tonight was very impressive!

I have a friend that claims to know how all of that is done, but I just can’t for the life of me, figure it out.

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers were back to show their stuff.  This is one of those night-by-night acts, but tonight they looked decent as they tapped under the dull red glow of a Piers “X”.

Pretty, isn’t it?  Like some kind of evil aurora borealis…

Doogie Horner brought back by Piers?  Wow!  That’s all I can really say on this one!

I’m glad to see Connor Doran back.  What he does is so unusual, and it has such a positive impact on his life.  If only we all had a passion that created such joy and peace in us.

Heck, Piers even congratulated Howie on the return pick.

Seeing Anna and Patryk back renews my faith in talent competitions.  These kids are just amazing.  There are a lot of differences in opinion on America’s Got Talent, but really, it’s easy to argue these two should be here.  I would pay to see them dance tomorrow…and hopefully I’ll have that privilege someday.

Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon do something so dangerous, and there is a chance every time that it could be their last…a lot like Macaggi.  But tonight, they were quite stunning…and scary.  I’m still not sure about that fake fall, but it sure got the judges’ attention.

It would probably get Vegas’ attention, too.

Swing Shift Sideshow is the last act, and it’s Howie’s pick…shocking, judging by his previous reaction to Dan Sperry’s antics.  But there it was, as big, and as X-buzzed, as life.


And those were the choices for the AGT wildcard show.  Not a bad group overall.  I still miss Sally Cohn and her hand whistling antics, but I’m glad to see Anna and Patryk back, and I hope they are around for a while.

Don’t forget, we’re here LIVE tomorrow at 8pm for the eliminations.

Join us!


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