8/4 America’s Got Talent Eliminations Live With Prince Poppycock, Murray, Arcattack, and More…on Mic

(Check out the full report at my article on Associated Content.  Click here).

America’s Got Talent is live, and we’re getting ready for more eliminations.

Da Maniacs, Nu Covenant, Anna and Patryk, Lindsey Stirling, Doogie Horner, Rudi Macaggi, Taylor Mathews, Mary Ellen, Arcattack, Prince Poppycock, Murray, and Strikers All Stars are back.

I have to say that tonight was hard.  There were acts obviously going home, but for those who had a great night, it’s hard to predict the results.

The show started with the obligatory green room view where people more nervous than anyone on the planet have to pretend they are excited.  C’mon Cannon…get to the eliminations!


Elimination 1

Doogie Horner, Mary Ellen, and Murray

I have to say, Doogie and Mary Ellen could not have felt very good hearing their names along with Murray.  I think if Mary Ellen and Doogie Horner went on the road together, they could inspire both laughter and riots in the same building.

Either that, or confusion.

I must admit, I will miss seeing Piers get annoyed with Mary.  That has been a real treat.

Murray is definitely on his way to Las Vegas, and he will have many great things on the horizon.  I don’t know how he’s going to top his trick the other night, but I’m sure he’ll find a way.  All that’s left for him is to decide which casino offer he will take.

Piers is happy with the choice, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


Intermission 1

During the first intermission, I found myself wondering…am I old?  For yet another week, I had NO idea who was performing.  Taio Cruz?

The audience seems to know him, but I have no clue.

If you know anything about this guy, please tell me.  Or not.  Also, please tell me why Justin Bieber is writing his memoirs at 16…


Elimination 2

Taylor Mathews, Da Maniacs, Lindsey Stirling

NEWSFLASH:  Taylor Mathews is through on AGT.  Justin Bieber’s crowd speaks out, votes for their favorite hairstyle.

And so, Bieber nation pushes through their favorite.  I can’t say that Mathews is bad, only that his hair probably assured his space in the next round.

Da Maniacs are…interesting.  I think they might have a niche.  As for Stirling?  Hmmm…her niche is a little harder to pinpoint, although I’m sure there is a market out there for violin players on trampolines.  Actually, our friends at Cirque du Soleil may want to pick that up.


Elimination 3

Strikers All Stars, Nu Covenant, Prince Poppycock

This was a nail biter.  Strikers and the Prince probably had very big followings around the country.  Nu Covenant had to know they were heading back to Cleveland.

In the end, it was Prince Poppycock.  And I think that was the right choice.  Strikers and Nu Covenant didn’t have great nights last night, but the prince?  I think he has a very, very bright future.  And, I think there is theater and costume department somewhere in Vegas that is getting very ready.

Bravo to a man who, by his own admission, “scrapes by” during the day to pursue his dream.

And, lucky for our ears, he is following that dream.


Intermission 2

Bret Michaels singing “Every Rose…”


Now that’s an intermission.  And a great story of recovery from a brain injury.

Enough said…


Judges’ Choice

Anna and Patryk, Rudi Macaggi, Arcattack

This is the one that proves sometimes, America’s Got Talent is a cruel show.  This is the argument for just a few more spaces in the semis.

But there they were – three of the best acts from last night standing there waiting for the judges to pick, and America picked Rudi Macaggi to go home.  That was a little bit shocking, seeing as how his face was a few inches from a spinning blade…although maybe, in the end, America was afraid he’d do something with a circular saw again, and just couldn’t bear to see it next week.

Anna and Patryk versus  Arcattack?  I didn’t envy that choice.  Either group could be a smash.

Piers said he wanted both through, and I agree.  But he picked Anna and Patryk because he wanted to see more.  I agree.  The kids can dance.  There’s no doubt.

Howie Mandel said he’s not sure Anna and Patryk could make it right now on this show, so he picked Arcattack.

And once again, the decision came down to Sharon Osbourne.  She picked Arcattack, because she felt they were, literally electric.

I don’t know how I feel about that.  I do have to say their act is unique, and it will certainly kill in Las Vegas, but I like watching ballroom dancing.


Quite a week.  I think the most bitter taste will be on the tongue of Rudi Macaggi, but it won’t last long.  He’ll soon be on his way to Vegas.  I’ll be sure to close my eyes when that circular saw comes out.


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