8/3 America’s Got Talent – Rudi Macaggi, Murray, and Prince Poppycock (You Read That Right) Wow

Okay, folks.  First, let me say that where I am vacationing it has not rained in days.  And there have been no TV interruptions.

But tonight?  A storm knocked out the satellite briefly and the show kept getting preempted by Detroit election results.


But we made it!  Here we are.  And here is the brief breakdown of the 8/3 America’s Got Talent show.

There are definitely going to be some tough choices tomorrow for the results show, and I have a feeling there are going to be two great acts standing there at the end waiting for the judges to call their name for the judges’ choice.

As for who is probably safe?  Well, we can never tell, but I can say that Anna and Patryk (the terrific 12-year-old dancers), Prince Poppycock (the two-faced opera wonder), Rudi Macaggi (the heart attack with a circular saw), Arcattack (Tesla meets…?), and Murray (the great illusionist with the not-so-great hair) should get at least a few hours of sleep.  We blog this show because we enjoy seeing people live their dream (no matter how hard Piers Morgan tries to tear them down), and this group really exemplifies that.

As for the rest?  Well, it’s not that Da Maniacs, Nu Covenant, Lindsey Stirling, Doogie Horner, Taylor Mathews, Mary Ellen, and Strikers All Stars aren’t living their dream, but…maybe this just wasn’t their time.  Maybe it just wasn’t their night, so to speak.

For all of these folks, this is likely the biggest moment of their lives.  Most of us with dreams (I want to be a professional writer) are struggling to get our moment…our chance to really do the work we want to do in the world.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a lot of appreciation for the folks on this particular “reality” show.  Because, quite honestly, when you’re performing your dream for millions, the stakes get much, much higher, because you are truly, truly, truly putting yourself out there.

And that is why we write about this!

That being said, I have a commitment tomorrow evening, but I will try my best to be here blogging the results show live as usual.  And I hope that you will be here to join us.  Heck, join tonight.  Tell us what you think and join the conversation (because right now, it’s just me talking…and I believe a conversation requires at least two people).

Oh, and go live your dream.  Don’t forget to put that on your ‘to-do’ list.


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