7/28 – America’s Got Talent Eliminations Feature Debra Romer, Studio One Young Beast Society, Haspop, and Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

Nobody’s View is here, blogging the America’s Got Talent results live.  If you’re online with us, give us your opinion.  If not, then enjoy the read whenever you are!

The folks in the green room seem excited…I’m sure the assistant producer is back there telling them to go crazy, waving their arms as if to say, “Do what I’m doing and make it look like you’re really excited instead of half crazed with nervous energy.”

I have to believe, though, that the contestants are probably so nervous they can’t keep their water down.  I was nervous enough in high school when I was the last place guy on the tennis team playing another last place guy in a meaningless match.  I can’t imagine what this is like!

Piers is his smug self as usual.  Nick Cannon said he’s “reading the blogs,” and if he’s read us here at Nobody’s View, then he knows where we stand on Piers.  Saw him last night on Leno, and he seemed different than he does on the show, but I suppose it’s a persona…I hope for his new wife’s sake, it is a persona!

Here we go…


Elimination 1

The South Philly Vikings, CJ Dippa, and Haspop

This is a rough one.

CJ Dippa is really something.  I’m not a huge rap fan, but I have to say, seeing a down-to-earth 11-year-old is something refreshing.  Haspop is certainly talented on a crazy level I don’t yet understand!  As for South Philly Vikings?  Eh…I guess it’s creative and I’m glad they have that outlet, but…

And it’s Haspop.

CJ has to be a little shocked, but it’s hard to argue.  Haspop’s story is pretty incredible, leaving his family behind in France.  CJ Dippa has his whole life in front of him, and I think right now, his phone is probably ringing…Justin Bieber’s folks probably have their tongues hanging out as this mini-Eminem raps his way along.  As for South Philly?  Well, they always have that parade thing, right?

Howie Mandel says Haspop has the Haswow…And I’d have to agree.


Intermission 1 – JabbaWockeeZ

JabbaWockeeZ performed.  Nice to see a group from the show make it big, even though they didn’t win their season.  Really, what matters is heart and creativity, not whether you take the title.

It’s another reminder that sometimes these shows have a real impact and that people really can live their dreams.  And isn’t that why we’re here blogging this?  To remember that it is possible to live our dream.


Elimination 2

Chipps Cooney, Studio One Young Beast Society, Polina Volchek

This was a pretty easy call.  Howie tried to build up Chipps and I think that’s important.  Piers went to another low and I really think his criticism of Chipps is unfair.  Patently unfair.  Shame on you, Piers.  I understand your role on this show, but your role as a human is something else.  Criticize people for your work, but let them keep their dignity.

That’s the least one person could ask of another.

And it’s Studio One Young Beast Society.  That was the obvious choice out of this group, and I think they’re going to go far.  Polina will find her way to Cirque du Soleil inevitably and Chipps may have a great career ahead of him doing casino acts…at least I hope so!


Elimination 3

The Strange Familia, Debra Romer, Luigi Seno

I’m sad it had to come to this one.  Luigi was my pick, and I cannot wait for his first CD.  If you’re wondering what to get Nobody’s View for the holidays, it’s Luigi’s CD!  See?  Gift giving made easy.

And it’s Debra Romer.  Interesting that Piers agreed with us on Debra’s singing.  She is brilliant, but last night…hmm…Although I do look forward to seeing her week after week, as she will go from great to brilliant when she hits her stride.

Let’s hope Piers doesn’t break up that Strange Familiar marriage!  He keeps telling her she’s a solo act, and she may be, but to re-iterate that over and over seems to be overkill from Piers.

And Luigi?  I’ll have you in my car stereo soon, and I look forward to that day.


Intermission 2 – Mike Posner

I have to admit, I have no idea who this is.  If you do, please enlighten me…even a Nobody needs a somebody to guide him sometimes!


Judges’ Choice

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Harmonica Pierre, Kaya and Sadie

Harmonica Pierre got sent home.  The big question is, is harmonica enough for Vegas…Here’s my answer:  EVERYTHING is enough for Vegas.  And, a lot like Sally Cohn, it’s not just the harmonica, but the person behind it.  I think Harmonica Pierre could really find a niche in some small room somewhere.

As for the Judges’ choice?  I feel bad for Jeremy.  It’s not easy to be up against Kaya and Sadie, right?  Right.

Sharon Osbourne picked Jeremy.  Piers said he was impressed with both groups, saying looks, danger, talent, and that both deserve to go through.  He picked Jeremy, saying that Jeremy is the true million dollar act.  Howie didn’t get a vote!

So, it’s Jeremy.  I think that was the right choice.  His talent is endless and can fit into a lot of places, not just Vegas.


And there we are.  Another night of America’s Got Talent, and another four contestants:  Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Debra Romer, Haspop, and Studio One Young Beast Society.  It’s a good group and I think it’s the right group.

The biggest disappointment of the night for me was obviously Luigi Seno, but I hold out hope that he’ll be back in some form and, as I said, in my car stereo.

So, what do you think?  Were these the right choices?  Should Piers get a conscience?

Let us know!  And thanks for reading.


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