7/27 America’s Got Talent – Debra Romer, CJ Dippa, And Luigi Seno Headline

If it’s Tuesday, July 27 it’s the America’s Got Talent performances.

And it’s Tuesday, July 27.

And the talent was on display.

I watched the show with some family members tonight, and they don’t follow the show as closely as I do.  They did their share of tongue clicking as Piers Morgan’s brutal honesty destroyed more lives and shattered more dreams.

Karma sucks, Piers…and I do enjoy it when Howie calls you out.

Anyway, Harmonica Pierre, CJ Dippa, Polina Volchek, The Strange Familiar, Haspop, Luigi Seno, Chipps Cooney, Kaya and Sadie, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Debra Romer, and Studio One Young Beast Society gave it their all, and it was strangely…hit or miss.

Harmonica Pierre was certainly on, as always.  The guy is a harmonica master.  However, I’m just not sure America is going to go gaga for a 70-something watchmaker harmonica player.  And, that’s a shame.  But who knows?  Maybe I’ll be surprised tomorrow as I blog the results live.  I’d like to see this guy tour with Bob Dylan or U2.  Awesome.

Polina Volchek put on quite a display.  I disagree with Piers’s buzzer.  Volchek is quite a performer, and quite talented.  I’m sure she is a Cirque du Soleil performer at least a few nights a week!

The Strange Familiar picked a song that, honestly, I didn’t think highlighted them very well.  Cindy Lauper is Cindy Lauper and Time After Time was her genius.  I don’t know if Strange Familiar really could do that justice.  I keep hearing stirrings that she should dump him and go solo.  Argh.

Haspop…what can I say?  Anyone who can make themselves look that much like a marionette certainly deserves some votes.  Tonight he talked about leaving his family behind in his native France to pursue his dream, and I have to say, I think I will see him as I walk through the casinos of Vegas.  He doesn’t really need the show to be famous at this point.

Luigi Seno…Luigi, Luigi, Luigi…you were one of my big pics.  Why, oh why, didn’t you stick with that cool, luscious sound?  I hope you move through just so that I can hear what you bring the next time…just so that I can hold out hope that you will dazzle with that loose and free guitar style America loved, and I wish was in my iPod right now.

Chipps Cooney was another of my big pics.  After he finished his…performance…I looked at my viewing mates and said, “Howie is going to be crushed.  This was his guy.”  And, sure enough…I have felt from the beginning that this guy would have a looooooong career in a casino.  But after tonight?  Someone in the room here said, “Maybe it was just too much for him.  Maybe the spotlight and the moment just overtook him and he didn’t know what to do next after the tricks he did for his grandkids were done.”  Indeed.  Vegas, hear a Nobody now:  Hire this guy to walk around and do his act.  Forget about tonight…

Kaya and Sadie.  What can I say?  I think Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan really told America like it is…

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven continues to step it up.  The Wow! factor is there.  But the only thing I don’t like is that when I watch him, I’m afraid, quite honestly, that he is going to kill himself doing those tricks…and that’s why he’s probably going to move on.

Studio One Young Beast Society also brought the Wow!  Whether or not you are a fan of their genre you have to admit they are something amazing.  And you can tell they really want it.

Finally, Debra Romer.  She is still a big pick for me, but I thought that tonight she picked a…big song.  Really big.  And I’m not sure tonight was her best.  But Piers’s standing ovation?  His heaping praise?  I agree, Piers.  She is terrific.  Her voice and story are incredible.  I want her to move on.  But you sure were animated…for you.  Hmmm…

Tomorrow should be interesting.  I can’t really make a solid prediction, but I’d like to see Romer and Haspop move on.  What do you think?

Join us tomorrow as we blog the show live.

And keep on pursuing your dreams.


2 responses to “7/27 America’s Got Talent – Debra Romer, CJ Dippa, And Luigi Seno Headline

  1. I watched bits of pieces the 1st hour cause I had another program I watch. But my picks from this bunch are Debra Romer (looked more confident), Haspop (altho missed his act), Jeremy (he is amazing), and Studio One Young Beast Society (Show needs a dance group in semis).

    • @CHIKI: I think you are probably right on with these picks. I think Debra Romer is going to go a long way. She is going to be big competition for Defying Gravity…but then again, I’m sure they’re already sitting on a fat contract at some casino in Vegas whether or not they win!

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