Hayward To Resign…Or Be Sacrificed?

BP CEO Tony Hayward is going to be sacrificed.  Crucified.

He’s going to leave BP for about $20,000,000…more or less.


He wanted his life back?  It looks like he’s going to get it back…and so much more.

Hayward made many enemies when he said no one wanted the oil disaster over more than he…that he wanted his life back.  I am sure there are millions of humans and animals along the Gulf coast that would love their lives back too.

But should we celebrate Hayward’s departure so loudly?  Can we simply blame Hayward?  He was the CEO when the BP leaks occurred, sure, but is he the only one at fault?  After all, we were all quick to jump on LeBron James when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers, but is that not a product of sports culture?  Of NBA culture?  In that regard, is the BP oil spill a result of Hayward himself or of failures in oversight, regulation, and business practices?

Still, Hayward is CEO.  BP CEO.  When the oil hits the fan…or the propeller…it is he who must sink.  It is he who must pay.  It is he who must go down with the ships.

When you take on a position of power, you take on a precarious position.  Often, you are the final word.  You are the buck stopper.  You are the one who must answer for the sins of so so many.  And you’ll do it for the money.  You’ll do it for the power.

And so will go Tony Hayward, into the dollar-signed sunset.

In time (hopefully sooner than later), the BP oil will disperse, a new CEO will take over, and life will go on; but there is something that will never change.  Disasters will happen, CEOs will take the blame, and we will exact our vengeance on anyone who will take it.  They will be sacrificed with a large check, and we will then aim our daggers at another.

But remember something.  Just because Hayward is gone, does not mean the threats or disasters have disappeared.  They will always be around, as will rich men and women willing to take the chance of blame in exchange for money.

And power.


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