Alice Tan Ridley Takes That Midnight Train to Glory

Alice Tan Ridley performed “Midnight Train to Georgia”…live…and blew us away.  It’s another night of America’s Got Talent and another group of performers, and Nobody’s View is on it.

There’s no denying Ridley is a vocal savant.  And there’s no denying she will soon be a superstar.  On a night of judicial infighting and horrifying Hasselhoff jokes, she was a great bright spot.

I think the same could be said for Ascendance, the amazing rock wall duo (now quad).  What they do is truly unique and truly special, and one can see their passion not only for rock walls, but also for creating.  The addition of two other performers to the act was a master stroke that should cement their…grip…on the show.

Michael Grimm from Mississippi was also a highlight.  His story and his devotion to his grandmother is simply terrific, and his talent is amazing.  His voice is somewhere between Michael Bolton and Eric Clapton…and I don’t think that’s such a terrible thing.

Join us live tomorrow as we blog the results show to see who’s moving on…and who’s going home.

(By the way, vote for impressionist RONITH, just to piss off Piers!)


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