Louis Oosthuizen, Take In This St. Andrews Win At the Open Championship

So, the British Open (or, Open Championship) is over for another year.

I spent some time in college in St. Andrews, Scotland, and it was so bittersweet to see the Open this weekend.  Ah, the memories!

I want to go back!  I want to be there again!

Oh, well…that’s what vacation is for, I guess, but still…

Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa really put on a clinic there today, destroying the field, including his playing partner Paul Casey.  He made a most difficult game on that most ancient of courses seem, literally, like a stroll in the park…a walk on the beach.  He looked like me when I used to wander the streets of St. Andrews with a piece of mint shortbread and a soda…moseying…enjoying the clouds, the wind, and the impending rain.

He just took his time.  One step at a time.  One shot at a time.


And next year, in Sandwich, Kent, England, at Royal St. George’s Mr. Oosthuizen will be introduced as the defending Open champion.  What a feeling.  And to know that he did it at the home of golf…well…

There are moments and there are moments, folks.  I enjoyed studying in St. Andrews and really tried to take it in.  I know Louis Oosthuizen enjoyed winning at St. Andrews.

I hope he took it all in.


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