America’s Got Talent Eliminations Live…At Least Right…NOW!

Elimination 1

Sally Cohn and Airpocalypse going home.  Nathaniel Kenyon is moving on.

America’s famous and favorite handwhistler has said it is somewhat of a “relief”…However, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of her…as we shouldn’t.  All through this season she has shown us what it means to have a talent and take it all the way!

Meanwhile, a sore-throated Nathaniel is proving that the Justin Bieber effect is alive and well.  When you see him from the first show to now, you can see that he is being carefully groomed.  Too bad.

And as for Airpocalypse?  Well, I have to tell you…I’d probably see them live.  Does that make me a strange person?  I sure hope so.

I am waiting, like you, for the next ones moving on.  Be back soon.


Elimination 2

Nick Pike, Kung Fu Heroes, and Fighting Gravity.

I mean, was this even a contest?

As I watched Fighting Gravity, I kept thinking, “This is going to displace Blue Man Group,” and then Sharon Osbourne said it!  Weird.  Maybe I should be a judge on the show.

I’d love that.  Can anyone make that happen?

But it’s true.  These guys were head and shoulders above the rest and they have shown us the power of pulling together and making something extraordinary.

I would pay to see them in Las Vegas, and Howie Mandel is right to say they will probably go all the way to the end.  I’m not one for predictions (unless they make me feel better in some way!) but I have to say they will probably be taking it all home.


Elimination 3

Christina and Ali (or Ali and Christina), Maricar, and the Hot Shot Dancers.  They are all very unique, but Christina and Ali’s story is so amazing…so compelling…it is hard to disagree with America.

And, it’s Christina and Ali.

This site is about opinion and inspiration, and it’s my opinion that Christina and Ali embody the spirit of inspiration.  They are taking on a monumental task with grace and positivity and it is really something special.

Now, that isn’t to say that a person’s “story” always should make the decision, but in this case, with their talent, I think it should.  Piers says they have “won the hearts of America,” but that now the competition is getting tough.  And he’s right.  He told them they are going to have to practice like crazy.  But you know?  I think they’re up to it.  I really do.

And I think they’ll give it their best.


Judge’s Choice

Paul Safy Jr., Future Funk, and RNG.

This one is strange.  We have the young, raw talent babies of Future Funk who seem to have a promising future together doing…whatever they want; RNG who seem to have a good sense of dance academy step; and Paul Safy Jr. who is desperate to take us back 50 years to the days of Sinatra…although that’s not such a bad thing.

But was it really a choice?  It’s clear audiences love Future Funk.  And they’re good.  And they’re a draw.

I guess the only problem is this is exactly like America’s Funniest Home Videos.  If there is a child in the video, it is probably going to beat the clip about the adult.  Unfortunately, Paul Safy Jr. was on the receiving end of that curse.

Although, I have to say, if I wanted to go out and have a drink at a chill bar, I would probably hope that Paul Safy Jr. was singing.  I think that would be really…cool.  I have a feeling he has a bright future as a lounge singer…or to go on tour with Michael Buble.

The judges picked Future Funk.  They probably had to, or there would be a riot in the studio.  Although Sharon did make it interesting.

In the end, I think it was the right decision.  I mean, when you’re talking about selling tickets, Future Funk has that edge that will probably sell out the room.

And today, that’s what it’s about.

Join the discussion.  Tell us what you liked and what you didn’t…and what inspires YOU!


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