Whistle On, Sally Cohn. Whistle On…

Hand whistling.

You heard right.

Hand whistling.

And if you saw America’s Got Talent tonight, you saw right, too.

Yes, at 75, Sally Cohn of Portland, Oregon is going strong.  With her two hands and her piece of wood, Ms. Cohn is, literally, blowing us away.  She has a familiar air, a no-nonsense attitude, and a talent that is unusual.  I’d say that has all the makings of a great show.

I’d go to see Sally.  Heck, it’s like Lake Wobegon meets everyone’s gramma, and to be honest?  I can’t get enough.

America’s Got Talent moved through their first 12 quarter-finalists tonight, and Sally Cohn, the hand whistling genius  was among them, joined by other imposing talent including Christina and Ali (or, Ali and Christina), Paul Safy Jr., Future Funk, Fighting Gravity, and Nathaniel Kenyon.  And the show keeps delivering what it promises.  Everyone came out swinging.

Let’s just hope that when the votes are tallied, we can count them on Sally Cohn’s two hands.


2 responses to “Whistle On, Sally Cohn. Whistle On…

  1. I think this woman ROCKS! She is so amazing and her ability to whistle while using her hand, and to perform on national tv is phenomenal! I applaud her for courage and her TALENT!

    • @JILL: She really is something, isn’t she? I’ve heard some people debating whether or not her talent is something that should be on the show. Well, from the first time I saw her, I thought, now here is a woman that has a whole act. The hand whistling, combined with her easy, down-to-earth demeanor would make her a treasure on the lecture circuit. Here’s hoping she takes to the road!

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