Web Feature: Barefoot Bandit Is a New Kind of Thief…Popular

It’s over.

Or is it?

Colton Harris-Moore, the barefoot bandit, pleaded guilty to landing a plane illegally in the Bahamas.  The 19-year-old is also awaiting deportation back to the United States.

The revelations of his years-long crime spree are truly breathtaking.  After escaping a halfway house in 2008, he traveled here and there committing crimes including burglary.  Often, he was reported to leave obvious traces of his crimes while choosing to go barefoot – breaking into houses, stealing from airports, taking planes and cars.

Then, recently, he flew a stolen plane to the Bahamas where he was apprehended after authorities shot the engine of his escape-boat before taking him into custody.

This barefoot bandit reportedly has legions of fans on Facebook.  There is a movie deal in the works.  Apparently, his mother has hired an entertainment lawyer to manage all of the fame fuss.


On the heels of the LeBron James garbage dump ESPN interview, the barefoot bandit seems to be on the opposite side of the coin, though stands to benefit in similar ways.  In other words, James’ shameless celebrity self-promotion was planned, robbing Cleveland of her dignity in a very legal yet vile manner.  It may have been disgusting, but it got LeBron James and the Miami Heat some terrific PR.  Harris-Moore, however, engaged in what seems to be unintentional (?) self-promotion, robbing victims of their dignity in an illegal and vile manner.  However, he will, through a public ordeal, gain much the same exposure that will no doubt result in a movie, books, and more trouble down the road.

Surely, the standards are changing.  We turn shame into hero status.  LeBron.  Tiger.

And now, we can add criminals to this mess.  Indeed, the barefoot bandit has raised the bar for crime.  Make sure you hire that entertainment attorney, PR manager, and agent along with your defense attorney, because in this day and age, you’ll surely need them…even before your sentence is finished.


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