Chase Bank Has It Inside Out When It Comes To Yoga

Have you seen that new ad on TV with the woman in the yoga studio?

I just saw it last night.

Apparently, she is in the middle of a yoga session.  At some point, her phone buzzes to alert her that, for some reason, at that very moment, her bank balance is low.  She uses the yoga pose to stretch into a new position that allows her to transfer money into her account before she gets back into the proper pose.

The guy next to her seems to be struggling, but her smug look obviously comforts him…or something like that.

Anyway, when the teacher walks by, she is supposedly blissfully unaware of the clandestine transaction that has taken place directly under her nose.  Such a clever student!

I could only groan when I saw this.  First, if this woman is thinking about her bank balance in the middle of a one-hour yoga class, then it doesn’t matter what stretches or poses she does…she obviously needs to re-set her focus.  Also, I’m sure the other people in the class are really appreciative of her transferring money on a cell phone during their one-hour break in the day.

Obviously this rant is not about a commercial.  I know it’s just a Hollywood bit.  But the point gets back to our previous commentary on courtesy, taking it a step further.  Not only has common decency gone out the window in many places (restaurants, movies, etc.), but I am sure many of you out there have stories of how this goes on in church, synagogue, yoga class.  The list goes on and on.

If you have ever tried to meditate, you know how much concentration it takes.  You know how the mind is…”un-stilled”…with just the slightest provocation.

And, you know how hard it is to stay away from the phone and email, even when you are supposedly quieting down.

Therefore, let us all take this ridiculous commercial as a wake up call.  Let’s try to use some portion of the day for relaxation and calm, despite the pull of the world.  If you can’t devote an hour, devote a minute.  Stop listening to the TV and listen to your breath for a second.  Walk to the fridge to get an apple and count the steps.  Take a drink of water and feel the swallow.  Iron a shirt and see the wrinkles disappear.

You know what to do.  Once you put the cell phone down, it should be clear.


15 responses to “Chase Bank Has It Inside Out When It Comes To Yoga

  1. I just logged onto the Chase website and filled out a comment, telling them that I am appalled with their ad, and that no serious yogini would even bring a PDA into a yoga class (at one studio where I attend classes, they charge $20 a ring if you are careless enough to bring your cell phone in with you). I’m worried that the ad might create a culture of “acceptance” in bringing PDA’s into a yoga class — would they feature an ad where a heart surgeon halts his operation, tops up his Chase balance, and then blissfully goes on with the operation?

    • @VOICEGAL: I agree. I think it is just awful. I practice a form of yoga that is very private and quiet (can be done at home), so I don’t go to a studio, but still…I have been to studios before. And I cannot imagine being in a pose and having the person next to me typing away. I love your heart surgeon example! Let us know what happens with Chase and if they get back to you! BTW, bravo for the $20/ring penalty!

  2. While I’m can’t comment directly on the benefits of not bringing your phone to class, it would make good sense. My complaint about the ad is why do ads and tv shows make men out to be such bumbling idiots? Beautiful fit women in the studio, while the one guy can’t get it together no matter how hard he tries. Imagine what it would be like if he was in charge on the money?

    • @DON: I agree! Imagine the casting call: “Wanted: Guy who kinda looks like everyman to play part of bumbling, fumbling fool in yoga studio. Will play next to woman who is so coordinated, she can do the pose and manage her money at the same time.” But who knows? Maybe “bumbling,” like “geek,” will soon become the new sexy cool.

  3. This ad bothers me on so many levels!! I also will be contacting Chase to let them know it is totally unacceptable to bring electronic devices into a yoga class.

  4. Do you know how small the yoga elitist market is to Chase bank?

  5. This women in this yoga class is she from Wonder Years did she play Winny, Danica Mckeller is her name. Is this who this lady is.
    Its driving me wacky trying to fig out if its her. Help

  6. I emailed Chase to let them know how I felt about the yoga ad, and said my money would be out of Chase Bank if I continued to see the ads past that week. It’s been almost 2 weeks now, and I haven’t seen the ad run at all on Phoenix area TV. And it was running day & night on just about every station! Maybe they actually listened.

  7. Dang, it’s BACK!

  8. I really dont care about Yoga. Its just a commercial…and a slight attempt at humor by the advertising agency. People are getting a bit too sensitive with regard to the yoga stuff. I personally am tired of seeing the commercial and the 80’s song that goes along with it…not to mention the bafoon next to her. I haven’t figured out what his role in the commercial is all about except that he must trying to pick up chicks and has set his sights on her.

    • @DAVID: Thanks for the comment! I understand what you’re saying…I’m not really an uppity person and I usually take on a “whatever” attitude. I guess what bothers me isn’t the commercial, really, so much as the idea that it’s okay in society to do things like that…y’know? Like people who text or answer cell phones during movies or play their stereo up loud at midnight when others have to work in the morning. This site is about commentary and opinion and I think the discussion around this commercial is really about that — commentary about what we’ve become as a society. A woman is making a bank transfer during a “relaxing” class that others are trying to enjoy? There’s something in there. There’s a statement in there. And, to tell you the truth, it makes me a little sad. Oh, and as for that other guy? You’re right…sort of comical and sort of creepy.

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