Carlos Aponte Through Easily. Debra Romer Almost Robbed…Almost

Debra Romer sang it out quietly on America’s Got Talent tonight.  Carlos Aponte belted it (read my latest Nobody’s View article on Associated Content).

But they both gave us reasons to cheer.

Aponte, from the minute he opened his mouth, was a guaranteed “yes.”

Romer, however, needed to do some convincing.  Howie was the “no” with Piers and a somewhat reluctant Osbourne the deciding push through to Las Vegas.

I think a lot of people identify with Debra Romer.  She is young and trying to make her dream come true.  Howie didn’t think she “owned” her performance, but you know what?  She owns her life…a runaway at 17 who is now a full-time student and waitress, she deserves a shot…not just because of her life story (lots of people have a hard story), but because her voice and sensitivity on stage are such, that she should get a shot to take it to the next level.

We will see Carlos Aponte and Debra Romer in Vegas…and I think we have a lot to look forward to.


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