Ali and Christina Belt It Out On America’s Got Talent Despite Cystic Fibrosis

So, two amazing girls belted it out last night on America’s Got Talent despite both having Cystic Fibrosis.

On the latest Nobody’s View article at Associated Content, we talk about dreams…the fact that these two girls are living a dream they weren’t supposed to have.  They weren’t supposed to have the lung capacity or the will.  They weren’t supposed to have this on their radar screen.

But there it was, as big as life.  There it was, as real as any other dream anyone has ever achieved.

And they are on their way to Vegas.

One of the girls mentioned that CF does not define her.  She chooses to define herself.  And last night, we saw the power of definition…of giving ourselves the chance that others may not want to give us.

I don’t advocate recklessness.  And I don’t advocate always living in the clouds.  We all have to have a healthy realization of limits and boundaries when the situation calls for it.  After all, there is something to be said for having a foot firmly planted on the ground in this world.

However, Ali and Christina show us that sometimes, what others think is out of reach, is actually quite attainable.  What others think is a shot in the dark, actually hits the target.  What others say can’t be done, is actually doable…

And achievable.


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