WEB FEATURE: Isner – Malhut Wimbledon Match Prompts a Thought…

Have you ever wanted something this much?

CNN reports that a match between John Isner and Nicolas Malhut reached nearly 10 hours before the players mutually called a halt until tomorrow.  They are 59-59 in the last set after tying the first four.

This amazing clash led me to think: What have I ever wanted that much?

And there are some answers.

I’ve worked at relationships for a long time, spent months (years?) on manuscripts, and carefully crafted articles for publication, sometimes editing them for long stretches before submission to editors.

So many times it would be easier to just toss it in.  To quit.  To let the ball go by and call it.  But you know?  If it’s something you really want, just go for it.

And hey, the worst that can happen is that you call it for darkness and start fresh in the morning…


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