Lock It!

I had an interesting experience today.

I was asked about a gate opener that I usually have in my wallet.  Then, I had someone give me a ring of keys to help him with something.  Then, I had someone to the house to pick up another ring of keys and clickers so that they could have access to some things here in town.

Isn’t that incredible?  Think about all the ways we keep ourselves separated, locked in, or locked out:  Keys.  Passwords.  Gate openers.  Cinder block walls.  Fire walls.  Passcodes.  Usernames.  Padlocks.  Aliases.

I know a lot of that is for our protection.  After all, we don’t live in utopia.  But goodness, it really hit me today…we live so much of our lives locked in or locked out.

I suppose we do the same thing in international relations and politics:  Fences.  Walls.  Bombs.  Embargoes.  Sanctions.  Cuts.  Bright-line tests.  Race check-boxes.  “Reform.”

Do we know we do this?  Or do we just take it for granted?

Are we unnecessarily suspicious or do we do this all for our own good?

Do we really understand one another or do we have a knee-jerk reaction based on irrational hearsay?

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