Web Feature: Daniel Nava and Grand Slam Column Remind Us There Is Hope

Rookie’s parents proud of son who never gave up – MLB News – FOX Sports on MSN.

Ken Rosenthal, a columnist over at FOXSports.com wrote a piece on Daniel Nava, the Boston Red Sox rookie who hit a grand slam at Fenway on his first at bat.  Apparently, Nava’s road to success was marked by countless obstacles and setbacks, eventually leading him to glory.

The cost to the Sox?  $1.  The memory for him and his family?  Gold.  The lesson to the rest of us?  Sorry…can’t put a price on that.

Nava’s story will go on in the Majors.  He will continue to play at one level or the other until this dream ends and another in his life begins.  Maybe we’ll remember his name.  Maybe not.  But the point is, he gave us a lesson to remember:  No matter how crazy and winding the road, if you really want it, keep trying.

Hey, you never know how many pitches it’ll take for hope to show up.


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