Web Feature: Lightning Strike Tragedy Ends Dream

I am below reprinting a blog post from another site, as I think it has something to say about seizing the moment.  A tragic incident ended a possible marriage, but also show us the depths of true bonds of love:


Did you hear about the couple-in-love that went hiking the other day?

A friend reminded me of the story the other day and I decided to look it up (read it here).

Apparently, the couple was hiking in North Carolina.  He was going to propose on the trail.

But it never happened.

Along the way, and right after she had commented about nature’s beauty, lightning struck nearby, killing Bethany Lott.  As the paramedics worked to revive her, Richard Butler put the ring on her finger…a sign of his intentions and his heart in this awful hour.

Some life lessons are hard to learn.  In other words, sometimes things happen to others and we have a hard time interpreting it.  We don’t know what it means to our life.  We turn the page or click away from the story and maybe we don’t pick anything up from it.

But not so with this story.  It’s crystal clear.

If it’s not, read the article again.



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