Web Feature: Dog Whisperer in Dog House

Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan announced via his website last Friday that he and wife Ilusion are getting a divorce.  When I saw this, I was shocked.

When we watch certain celebrities, we come to believe that they are invincible in certain ways.  The much beloved Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, always started death in the face and came out smiling.  I never thought he would fall victim to nature.  Much like Cesar Milan.  He trains humans in patience and self-control so that their canine-oriented relationships can improve.  I guess I believed that same mentality would carry over to married life and that he and Ilusion could work out their issues.

Or not.

But that is the nature of relationships, right?  They defy logic.  They defy rationality.  And, they defy expectations.

Good luck, Cesar and Ilusion.

May you find your true companions…


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